Tobacco Hornworm Moth Genome Sequenced by Researchers

Years of collaborative study at various research facilities across the world has resulted in successful genome sequencing of tobacco hornworm (glutton caterpillar). Researchers...
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Global Warming

Global Warming Could Lead to Decline in Birth Rates

A research carried out by the National Bureau of Economic Research has unveiled that global warming could have a negative effect...
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Global life expectancy

Overall Health Improves Worldwide Along with Life Expectancy: Study

A study carried out in 188 countries has unveiled that life expectancy has improved a lot. People living in poor nations...
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Amputees Can Now Control Their Bionic Prosthetic Limbs Using IMES

Ossur, an Icelandic orthopaedics company, has developed tiny implanted myoelectric sensors (IMES) that helped amputees to control their bionic prosthetic limbs...
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Is the HCG Diet Suitable for Vegans?

For those people who may be having problems with their weights, HCG diet should be an alternative that they can use...
Martha Lovette
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