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  Jennifer West is a health and wellness expert who provides information backed by science to help people live a healthier lifestyle. Her master's degree in nutrition science gives her an edge when writing about health, diet, and nutrition.


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Can You Eat Steak on Keto? Is Steak Keto Friendly?

Today we're diving fork-first into the carnivorous side of the ketogenic diet. Hold your forks! Before we carve into the meaty matter, let's rewind...
3 min read

Fat Burner Food – 23 Fast Fat Burning Foods To Lose Weight

In today's world, losing weight and staying healthy is a constant struggle. With so many temptations around us, the battle to keep fit is...
7 min read

Keto Diet 7 Day Plan: A Complete List of 1 Week Eating Plan

If you want to try the keto diet, you'll need a 7-day diet plan. Most people who follow the ketogenic diet tend to stick...
9 min read

Keto Diet for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Ketogenic Diets

The keto diet is a revolutionary way of eating that has been proven to be incredibly effective for weight loss and improving your overall...
14 min read

Turmeric Health Benefits For Inflammation and Alzheimer’s Disease

If you missed part 1 of this article on the health benefits of turmeric, we encourage you to check it out. It outlines the research regarding turmeric...
4 min read

Krill Oil vs. Fish Oil – What Science Really Reveals

One very prominent online physician has pioneered the idea that krill oil is superior to fish oil for providing humans with much needed and...
5 min read

Science Says This Ancient Seed Kills Cancer And Improves Diabetes

Do you know what animal eats seeds? BIRDS! In fact, your friends might jokingly describe you as someone who “eats like a bird” if...
3 min read

7 Best Fruit and Vegetable Supplements in 2022

Are you looking for some good food supplements that can boost your energy levels? Well, look no further because we have compiled a list...
10 min read

What Are Digestive Enzymes and How Do These Enzymes Work?

Digestive enzymes are proteins that break down food into smaller pieces. They are found in saliva, stomach acid, and pancreatic juices. The main function...
5 min read
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