What Are Digestive Enzymes and How Do These Enzymes Work?

What are digestive enzymes

What are digestive enzymes

Digestive enzymes are proteins that break down food into smaller pieces. They are found in saliva, stomach acid, and pancreatic juices.

The main function of these enzymes is to break down protein and carbohydrates. They also help to digest fats and minerals.

Your body produces these enzymes as needed. When you need more than usual, your pancreas releases extra amounts.

How Do Digestive Enzymes Work?

Enzymes from your mouth, stomach and small intestine go through a series of steps before they reach their final destination: Your colon.

These steps include mixing with water, moving along the intestinal wall, and being absorbed by cells lining your intestines.

When enzymes come into contact with other foods or liquids, they begin to dissolve them. This process speeds up digestion. It's like putting gasoline on a fire. The faster the fuel burns, the hotter the fire becomes.

This process also helps your body absorb vitamins and minerals.

What Are Digestive Enzymes Used For?

These enzymes help break down foods such as meat, vegetables, grains, fruits, and dairy products. Using them regularly improves how well your body absorbs vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, copper, manganese, selenium, and iodine.

These enzymes are especially important when you are trying to lose weight by eating less fat and fewer calories.

They also help prevent certain types of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

Some people who suffer from lactose intolerance find that using digestive enzymes helps them tolerate milk.

Where Do These Enzymes Come From?

These enzymes come from a variety of sources. For example, some are extracted from animal stomachs. Other enzymes are made in laboratories.

Some supplements contain a mix of different kinds of enzymes.

Several of them are derived from animals like pigs, cows and lambs. Others are made from plants like pineapple and papaya. Enzymes are also found in yeast and fungus. 

The Difference Between Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics

Enzymes are chemical compounds found in foods that speed up the breakdown of nutrients in your body.

Enzyme supplements are used to treat conditions caused by insufficient amounts of certain types of enzymes.

Probiotics are living organisms that feed off of the bacteria already present in your gut. They are not meant to replace those bacteria but rather support their growth.

Enzymes and probiotics are both important parts of our digestion system. However, enzymes play a more significant role than probiotics. Probiotics are helpful because they help keep your digestive system healthy. Enzymes work directly with your body's cells to help them function properly.

If you have trouble digesting foods, you should consider taking digestive enzymes.

And if you want to take them every day, you can mix them with your meals. 

Furthermore, if you're trying to lose weight, you might find that digestive enzymes help to boost your metabolism. This means that your body uses energy more efficiently.

Types of Digestive Enzymes

There are many different kinds of digestive enzymes available. Each type works differently. Here are some examples:

  1. Protease Enzymes – These break down proteins into smaller pieces. You can can use them to help with digestion, as well as for weight loss.
  2. Lipase Enzymes – This enzyme helps the body digest fats and oils. It is often used to treat obesity.
  3. Amylase Enzymes – Amylases break down starches into simple sugars. They are sometimes used to help control blood sugar levels.
  4. Lactase Enzymes – Lactase enzymes help the body digest milk. If you're lactose intolerant, you may want to consider buying them.
  5. Trypsin Enzymes – Trypsins break down protein into amino acids. They are commonly found in pancreatic juices.
  6. Chymotrypsin Enzymes – Chymotrypsins break down proteins into simpler parts. They are usually found in bile.

Which Digestive Enzymes Should I Use?

The best way to choose which kind of digestive enzymes to use depends on what you eat. You should always start out with a low dose. Then gradually increase the amount until you reach the recommended daily dosage.

Enzyme supplements work better than pills containing only one type of enzyme. This is because they contain more active enzymes at once.

When choosing between different brands, look for ones that say “active” or “effective.” Look for those that are made from natural sources. Avoid those that are synthetic or artificial.

Enzyme supplements are generally safe to use. However, there are times when you shouldn't take them. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.

The Benefits of Using Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes help improve your overall nutrition because they help digest your food. They also help reduce bloating, gas, constipation, indigestion, and other symptoms caused by poor digestion.

Using these enzymes may also help keep your immune system strong so that you don't become sick more often than usual.

Digestive enzymes help to protect against certain diseases. For example, scientists believe that regular use of digestive enzymes may lower the risk of developing colon cancer.

Insufficiency of Digestive Enzyme – What Are the Symptoms?

The symptoms of digestive enzyme insufficiency vary from person to person and are dependent on many factors. The most common symptom is a general feeling of discomfort in the stomach or abdomen, ranging from mild to severe. Other symptoms include:

  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Where to Buy Digestive Enzymes?

You can buy digestive enzymes at most pharmacies. However, you will usually need to ask for them specifically.

You can also make your own digestive enzymes with a blender or juicer. Just add 1 tablespoon each of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar to 2 cups of water. Blend until smooth. Drink this mixture twice daily.

Over The Counter Digestive Enzymes That Work

There are several over-the-counter (OTC) products available that claim to be able to relieve symptoms related to digestive enzyme deficiency. These include:

Daily Digestive Essentials

This is a great product for those who want to lose weight quickly and safely. You can use it in conjunction with any diet plan, but it works best when combined with the Eat Stop Eat Diet.

The product contains enzymes that help break down fats and carbohydrates, so it helps you feel full longer. It also supports the growth of friendly bacteria in your digestive system.

It's easy to see why this product is one of the top-selling over-the-counter products on Amazon.com.

It's highly recommended by doctors and nutritionists.

Houston Enzymes TriEnza

Houston Enzymes is a manufacturer of enzymes and other industrial products. They are located in Houston, Texas. The company was founded by Dr Robert E. Moore in 1969 as a research laboratory for the development of new enzyme-based products.

They offer two types of digestive enzymes:

1. Digestive Enzymes for Diabetics

This supplement helps people with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels. It's designed to support healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients.

It includes pancreatin, lactase, amylase, lipase, bromelain, and protease.

2. Digestive Enzymes for Weight Loss

This supplement helps you burn fat faster than traditional diets. It contains enzymes that help digest carbs and protein, making it easier for your body to use these foods for energy.

It also contains enzymes that help break up fats and promote the breakdown of stored fat cells.

These enzymes work together to reduce bloating and gas while supporting better nutrient absorption.

3. Flatter Me by HUM Nutrition

This product is a digestive enzyme blend and it helps your body to break food down into nutrients.

This supplement helps with digestion by breaking down proteins, carbs, fibers, fats and other nutrients. 

Flatter Me also relieves uncomfortable bloating and stomach pains.

These digestive enzymes help digest your food and help prevent stomach ulcers.

When taken regularly, they can improve digestion and reduce gas and bloating.

Hum's product is the result of a one-year research project. Over one million data points were used to create the perfect enzyme blend.

This product was made using scientifically proven ingredients that are gluten-free, non-GMO, GMP certified, and sustainably sourced.



Digestive enzymes are an essential part of your overall health. They help your body process food and convert its nutrients into usable forms.

They also help your body stay healthy by supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria in your digestive system, helping to prevent diseases such as diarrhea and constipation.

If you suffer from digestive problems, you may benefit from taking digestive enzymes. There are many different types of these enzymes, and they all perform different functions. Your doctor can recommend the right type for you based on your specific condition and needs.

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