New Digital Map predicts How Oceans respond to Environmental Changes

Deep SeaResearchers have succeeded in creating the first digital map of the seafloor’s geology. According to the researchers, the digital map is going to play an important role in understanding how oceans around the globe will act in response to changes in the planet’s environment in the near future.

While presenting knowledge regarding the new digital map, the University of Sydney affirmed the latest map of seafloor’s geology was hand-drawn more than four decades ago, and it reached nearly 70% of the planet’s surface.

Adriana Dutkiewicz, the lead researcher from the University of Sydney, stated it is crucial to note the seafloor’s geology to learn how oceans react to environmental shift. “The deep ocean level is a graveyard with much of it built up of the remains of tiny sea animals called phytoplankton. The formation of these remains can aid reveal how oceans have reacted in the past to climate change”, Dutkiewicz added.

Phytoplankton is photosynthesizing microscopic organisms known for producing about 25% of oxygen humans breath, and play an essential role in the fight against global warming. The new digital map shows the concentrations of phytoplankton on an ocean’s surface.

According to Dutkiewicz, the digital map is going to help in knowing in depth about the carbon cycle inside an ocean. A research vessel Investigator of Australia has been placed to understand the effects of environmental change on phytoplankton productivity. Change in climate is an issue, and it is vital to know how oceans respond to it, Dutkiewicz added.

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