NASA should start planning launch of Bigger Version of Hubble Space Telescope in 2030s

Hubble Space TelescopeLast week in a report, titled, From Cosmic Birth to Living Earths, the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) has stated that NASA should start planning on a bigger and better version of the Hubble Space Telescope in the 2030s. The organization in the paper talks about the High Definition Space Telescope.

The High Definition Space Telescope is five times big and 100 times as sensitive as the Hubble, and its mirror is almost 40 feet in diameter. This telescope would prove extremely beneficial in finding and studying dozens of earthlike planets.

The AURA runs the Hubble and other observatories for NASA and the National Science Foundation. Matt Mountain, the president of AURA, said that they want to know whether or not they are alone in the universe. For which, it is crucial to start working on the plan now.

It shall, however, be noted that the High Definition Space Telescope is not the next in the list of NASA. In fact, it stands at the end of the list of exoplanet research. The organization stated that NASA should spend more on high technology, education, skilled workforce, jobs, and human innovation.

Sara Seager of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said that no benefit will be derived by delaying the plan. It is important to act now. There are so many questions that need an answer like are we alone? And all can be answered if research is done on them.

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