Research subjects to emerge from Mars-like habitat after Eight months of isolation
Researchers find link between changes in brain chemistry and SIDS
Low vitamin D levels linked to higher MS risk
Artificial sweeteners could raise risk of developing type-2 diabetes: Research
Rising Obesity putting additional pressure on Healthcare system

The rising obesity level across the world, especially in developed economies, has put additional pressure on healthcare systems. A team of researchers in the U.K. and at the World Health Organization has conducted analysis of 2,400 studies involving 32 million children.

FDA confirms positive impact of Spark Therapeutics gene therapy on vision

The U.S. FDA has confirmed short term benefits with Spark Therapeutics’ gene therapy for vision in a rare, inherited form of blindness.

Surgical Super Glue Can Seal Cuts Within Seconds

Scientists working on an elastic super surgical glue have reported success in sealing cuts within seconds. The team comprised of scientists from Northwestern University, the University of Sydney and Harvard Medical School. The team has named the super glue as ‘MeTro’.

CDC Reports Rise in Obesity Related Cancers

Obesity-related cancers have witnessed a spike in the United States in the recent years as per the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report. The report added that obesity-related cancers accounted for 40 percent of all cancer cases diagnosed in the United States in 2014.

Sleep deprivation could improve mood of depressed people: Study

Staying awake may be the key to improve the mood of people suffering depression, a new study by University of Pennsylvania researchers suggested.

End of the World Postponed till October after earlier deadline passes peacefully: David Meade

Christian numerologist David Meade had predicted that our world would come to an end on September 23 as Planet X would collide with our planet. However, everyone questioned Meade as his earlier predicted doomsday date of September 23 passed peacefully.