Apple set to launch Watch Nike+ smartwatch on Oct. 28
Astronomers predict nearly 10 times more galaxies than earlier estimated count
Researchers link comet impact to rise of mammals
New NASA research conludes that the universe has nearly 2 trillion galaxies
Two Major Fault Lines Could Lead to Major Earthquake in California

Geologists have found two major fault lines in Bay Area which could trigger a strong earthquake in California. Both the fault lines are connected to each other and if they rupture simultaneously, they could lead to devastating earthquake in California, geologists warn.

Researchers discover two cavities in Great Pyramid of Giza

A fresh scan of the Great Pyramid of Giza has revealed two previously undetected cavities in the more than 4,500-year-old structure, researchers announced.

Scientists produce baby mice from eggs grown entirely in lab

A team of Japanese scientists claimed to have produced baby mice from eggs grown entirely in a lab dish using a sample of mouse skin cells.

Research links Waist Size and Type 2 Diabetes to Increased Liver Cancer Risk

Obesity has been linked to increased cancer risk in studies conducted in the past but a new study has found direct link between waist size and risk of liver cancer. The study team noticed that higher BMI and type 2 diabetes raised the risk of liver cancer.

Tesla and Panasonic announce partnership for SolarCity Project

Tesla and Panasonic have entered into a partnership for solar energy components for Tesla’ SolarCity Corporation project which includes photovoltaic cells and modules for solar energy systems.

China successfully launches two-man crew to space station module

Embarking on its longest piloted space flight to date, the Asian country of China launched two astronauts or “taikonauts” into Earth’s orbit Sunday evening for a month-long stay aboard the space station module Tiangong-2.