Tracking Poverty using Satellite Images and Deep Learning Algorithm
Researchers catch action of tiny star exploding as classical nova
Following guidelines for Contact lens use can reduce eye infections: CDC Report
CERN launches investigation into fake ‘satanic human sacrifice’ ritual video shot at the facility
FDA approves twofirst-of-its kind computerized cognitive tests

On Monday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave green signal to two products- Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT) and ImPACT Pediatric. Both the medical devices are computerized cognitive tests that aim to evaluate a person’s cognitive skills.

Researchers turn mouse transparent and illuminate nerve paths

Neuroscientists have come up with a novel way to look into an organism’s nervous system without the need to carry out dissection on it. Using this novel technique, lab mice can be turned transparent along witha better view of its muscles and internal organs.

New smart material when used into windows, sunroofs could control heat and light from sun

A Nature Materials-published research paper has unveiled about the creation of a new flexible smart window material. This material if used into windows, sunroofs or curved glass surfaces will provide the power to control both heat and light from the sun.

Deep Space Network helps scientists to reestablish contact with lost spacecraft

Scientists have been able to reestablish contact with a spacecraft, STEREO-B (Solar and Terrestrial Relations Observatory mission), which went missing on October 1 , 2014 as it lost contact with the team back on earth.

Soon you will be able to access NASA research on the Internet for free

The US space agency has decided to make all of the research conducted by its teamavailableon the Internet for free. The move will bring smile on the faces of science enthusiasts and aspiring astronauts.

Elderly closer to family members at reduced risk of death than with friends: Study

A new study has unveiled that closer family members lessen the risk of mortality among older adults than having a larger or closer group of friends.