SpaceX and United Launch Alliance leading in space launch cost reduction
New Study Links Moderate Alcohol and Coffee Consumption to Long Life
Self-healable, recyclable "electronic skin" developed by University of Colorado Boulder Researchers
Hand dryers spread germs: University of Leeds Research
Low Sperm Count could be an Indicator of Other Health Issues: Research

Low sperm count should not be considered just as a fertility issue as it could also be an indicator other health issues, a new research has revealed.

NASA’s Hammer Spacecraft aiming to divert asteroid from hitting our planet

NASA scientists are working on a plan to divert or blow up an asteroid in case it was on course to collide with our planet.

Turmeric Latte Gains Popularity among Millennial Generation

Turmeric latte has been steadily gaining popularity among younger generation. With many celebrities endorsing turmeric latte as a healthy coffee alternative, younger generation is quick to catch up.

Missing Doctor wasn’t snubbed over promotion: CDC

CDC doctor Timothy Cunningham mysteriously disappeared on February 12 and Atlanta police department has been trying hard to find more information about him. The police had earlier said that they haven’t found any evidence of foul play.

Muscle Loss during Old Age Linked to Changes in Nervous System

Muscle loss during old age is mainly caused by loss of nerve signals. Researchers from Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Waterloo, Ontario, and the University of Manchester noticed 30 percent decline in nerves controlling leg muscles as individuals cross age of 75.

New Research Classifies Diabetes in Five Types

Diabetes is complex health condition which deteriorates lifestyle of patients and currently, medical experts classify diabetes as Type I and Type II diabetes. However, a new research suggests that diabetes can be classified in five different types.