Immunotherapy is safe for people with Type 1 Diabetes: Study
Massive wildfire blazing in Greenland
Colorectal Cancer Death Rate Rising Among Young Whites
Telescope-equipped NASA jets to track & capture solar eclipse footage
Researchers trying to develop better diagnostic test for Lyme disease

A team of researchers and microbiologists from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) are trying to develop blood test for an early detection of tick-borne Lyme disease infection.

FDA approves Pfizer's new blood cancer drug

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has given its approval for a new Pfizer medicine for use against a rare form of blood cancer, albeit with a boxed warning.

Researchers make breakthrough in treatment of childhood peanut allergy

A team of Australian researchers has made a breakthrough in the treatment of childhood peanut allergy, providing a ray of hope for a possible cure.

A special mixture of good bacteria can protect newborns from deadly infection

A team of scientists at the University Of Nebraska Medical Center College Of Public Health claimed to have found a really inexpensive treatment capable of saving thousands of newborns each year.

NASA debates how to haul back rocks from Mars

As the U.S. space agency NASA’s 2020 Mars rover mission is approaching near, the best strategy for retrieving rock and dirt from the Red Planet to Earth has become a topic of hot debate and discussion.

New study challenges ‘fat but fit’ notion

Obese or overweight people are at a significantly higher risk of developing heart disease even if they appear medically healthy, a new study has warned. A team of researchers examined health data on more than half a million individuals in around a dozen European countries, including Britain.