Particle Physics Research Lab for Neutrino Research under DUNE Project to Cost $1.4 Billion
Human arrival in Australia pushed back by 18 thousand years
Scientists find first evidence for Majorana fermion
Texas coffee recalled because of its Viagra-like ingredients
Astronaut aboard ISS shares stunning video, photos of Aurora Borealis

NASA astronaut and flight engineer Jack Fischer shared photos and a time lapse video that he captured of a stunning glowing green aurora borealis from an altitude of nearly 250 miles.

NASA aims to cut flight times with supersonic technology

Ground-level disturbances like cracked plaster and shattered windows have kept supersonic travel almost off-limits since 1973, when the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) banned its use.

Moon’s interior may contain water: Study

A new study of ancient volcanic deposits on the Moon has suggested that earth’s only natural satellite might be containing substantial amounts of water deep under its surface.

Dietary supplements can pose health risks: Study

Dietary supplements can also pose health risks and a new study has revealed that the problem is on the rise. According to the new study, the U.S. Poison Control Centers, on an average, receive a call every 24 minutes regarding dangerous exposure to dietary supplements.

Doctors confirm rare case of HIV remission without drugs

While most people need daily treatment to prevent HIV from destroying the immune system and causing AIDS, a 9-year-old in South Africa has been in HIV remission for years without drugs.

Google Street View enters International Space Station

Google Street View is known for providing internet users with a closer view of destinations that are normally beyond their reach.