Health insurer Humana to leave Obamacare marketplaces in 2018
Scientists should be able to edit humans’ DNA: panel says
Exoplanet Showcases Strong Influence of its Star HAT-P-2 as detected by Spitzer Space Telescope
Scientists discover pollutants 10,000 meters deep in the Pacific Ocean
New Zealand beach turns into a whale grave

Around a week ago, a New Zealand beach became a distressing grave site when hundreds of pilot whales became stranded on it and many of them died.

Flu deaths on the rise in Idaho

Idaho public health officials continue to urge residents to get vaccinated and take other precautions against flu/influenza as deaths from the contagious disease are on the rise in the state.

President Trump Faces Another Campaign Against Him on Psychiatric Grounds

President Trump is facing many protests across the United States for recent executive orders he has passed. Now, his opponents have started many petitions to term him incapable of leading the United States on psychiatric grounds.

Lost Continent Discovered by Scientists Under Pacific Ocean

Scientist have claimed to discover eighth continent with much of its region under the Pacific Ocean, near New Zealand.

Elon Musk’s Surprise for Heroic Driver Who Sacrificed his Model S on Autobahn

After media reporting about a brave Tesla owner sacrificing his Model S for save a fellow driver on German autobahn came to notice of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, he surprised the heroic Tesla driver. The incident happened in Munich recently.

Newly born baby orangutan makes debut at Erie Zoo

A newly born baby orangutan has made its debut at the Erie Zoo in Pennsylvania, a spokeswoman for the popular zoo announced.