4A---News media report on global temperatures is faulty: scientists argue
4A---Researchers explore how human brain ‘store’ and ‘hide’ memory
‘Lucy’ had strong climbing arms: researchers discover
Russian cargo spacecraft destroyed in failed launch
Researchers find link between Parkinson’s disease and gut bacteria

The best target for treatment of Parkinson’s disease may be the gut and not the brain because there is a functional link between the brain disorder and the bacteria in the gut, a new study suggested.

Pluto’s gigantic liquid ocean is rather noxious: study

Dwarf planet Pluto is one of solar system’s smaller ocean worlds and its liquid water hidden under its icy surface might amount to a sphere up to 780 miles wide or roughly 75 per cent of Earth’s entire liquid water reservoir, a new study suggested.

Electric-blue Noctilucent ice clouds spotted earlier over Antarctica this year: NASA

Noctilucent ice clouds over Antarctica have been spotted little earlier this year than their usual time in the Southern Hemisphere. NASA Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere (AIM) has recorded blue noctilucent ice clouds over Antarctica and they have been noticed much earlier this year.

Pluto Could be Supporting Ocean under its Icy Heart 'Sputnik Planitia'

Pluto has been subject of many research projects after NASA's New Horizons mission provided interesting images during flyby of the dwarf planet.

Analysis of Pluto’s Icy Heart suggests presence of subsurface ocean: Research

Pluto has been a mystery for astronomers for decades and Pluto’s icy heart, first spotted by New Horizons mission in 2015, could suggest presence of massive subsurface ocean on the dwarf planet.

Veteran Affairs Dentist Resigns after Reports of Widespread Infection

Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Wisconsin has informed that the dentist involved with nearly 600 serious infection cases, has resigned. The dentist was still working at Veteran Affairs after the reports of infections surfaced. House Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen.