The Dukan Diet – How Does It Work : Research

People everywhere are talking about how the Dukan diet becomes one of the most effective weight loss plans ever discovered. The Dukan Diet was devised by Pierre Dukan, a French doctor. The diet is comprised of four main phases that are specially designed to help hasten weight loss and maintain weight efficiently at the same time.

The first two phases are based on low carbohydrate, high protein, and low-fat food selections to help promote fast and consistent weight loss. The latter two stages involve the re-introduction of foods in an aim to help dieters keep off the weight on a permanent basis.

There is a list of about 100 foods permitted during the first two phases. However, the other two phases become less restrictive as other food groups are gradually re-introduced. Ultimately, there is no restriction on calories, and you’re allowed to eat as much as you wish. During every stage of the diet, you’ll be required to take a limited portion of oat bran on a daily basis.

Why Does It Work?

Protein is quite low in calories, granted that it contains just four calories per gram, unlike fat which contains nine calories per gram. This implies that you’re less likely to meet your energy needs on a day-to-day basis from foods that are high in protein and yet low in fat. Protein will thus make you feel satisfied and full, enabling you to eat less. Intensive studies have proved that protein has a satiating effect that leads to weight loss.

Nutritional studies also show that protein increases thermogenesis, which is the production of heat from within the body. Given that more energy is required to metabolize protein, you’ll be burning more calories when eating protein than you would when eating carbohydrates or fat.

Once you’ve restricted yourself from the intake of fats and carbohydrates, the diet will mimic a state of starvation in the body. This will prompt the body to make use of fat stores as a source of energy.

Benefits You’ll Get by Following the Dukan Diet

Similar to hCG diet, this Dukan diet has a list of foods categorized into allowed and not allowed. This makes it quite easy to follow and understand.

You are guaranteed of losing significant weight during the initial stages. This will certainly motivate and encourage you to carry on with the diet.

Given that protein satisfies hunger, there is ultimately no restriction on how much you are permitted to eat. This implies that you will less likely feel hungry while on this diet.

Granted that the diet is restrictive, you will be cutting out on foods that are high in fat and sugar. Such foods are linked to obesity and weight gain.

There is a remarkable number of support groups, coaches, and recipes that can easily be found online and on various Internet forums. Such will help with encouragement, reducing boredom while following the diet.

Should You Follow this Diet?

The diet will certainly help you lose weight. Weight loss will be more effective if you commit to making real changes which you can stick to throughout your life. This implies that you may have to cut out on some foods you would consider enjoyable.

Having worked with thousands of patients, Dr. Dukan came up with this easy to understand remedy to all your weight loss needs. He guarantees that the diet will affect drastic, significant changes in your weight, as long as you are able to follow the diet plan strictly.

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