Trenorol (Crazy Bulk) Review – Results, Side Effects, and How It Works

Did you know that Trenbolone has five times the strength of the testosterone steroid?

If you have no worries to be stricken by insomnia, gynecomastia (man boobs), man baldness, or skin allergies, then you can contemplate Trenbolone into your workout. However, if you’re trying to avoid these adverse side effects, then Crazy Bulk Trenorol would be your best choice.

Trenorol mimics the effects of the Trenbolone anabolic steroid with such effectiveness and speed that there really is no need to go back and risk all side-effects from Trenbolone.

It is primarily designed both as a bulking and a cutting agent for building up muscle mass with speed.

Trenorol will aid you gain 10-15 pounds of lean muscle mass within 1-2 months of use.


Reviews of Trenorol from Customers


  • Maintained levels of free testosterone
  • Enhanced nitrogen retention in muscles for increased protein synthesis
  • A great ripping agent with increased burning of subcutaneous and visceral fats
  • There are no harmful side effects as all ingredients are natural. No toxins are getting deposited in your liver and kidneys either.


  • The product is only available online
  • People who suffer from low blood pressure are advised to consult with their doctor before using the supplement

How Does Trenorol Work?

Trenorol is a helpTrenorol with both cutting and bulking up, and is a quick action steroid.

There are three key factors here:

  1. Speed
  2. Muscle gain, and
  3. Fat loss

All three of these benefits are the result of physiological changes brought on by the safe, natural formula that has been specially created for a safe Trenbolone steroid substitution.

The muscles are given the opportunity to increase in size due to the increase in nitrogen retention.

This is also partly responsible for the muscle to fat ratio, and the protection of new tissue and the efficient fat-burners get to work, and the speed in which all this happens is the result of enhanced vascularity and red blood cell production, which allows oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscles faster.

In addition to this, this process can also lead to improved recovery times and strength.

Trenorol contains active testosterone boosting ingredients such as Daucosterol, Samento Inner Bark, Nettle, Pepsin and Sito-Sterols. It helps build bigger, bulkier muscles and improves the muscle definition as well.

More about Its Ingredients

As being said, Trenorol consists of numerous natural ingredients which have gone through profound research to safely substitute the power of illegal Trenbolone steroid.

1. Beta Sitosterol

Beta-Sitosterol has been clinically shown to normalize the testosterone level and improve the immune system.

This one potent substance has been used for many years by thousands of holistic doctors and nutrition practitioners to restrain the activity of 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that transforms testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

By reducing the DHT conversion, you lessen the DHT build-up and increase the testosterone flows to the tissues, which in turn, allow your muscles to grow bigger.

2. Samento Inner Bark (Uncaria tomentosa)

Also known as Cat’s Claw, Samento is extracted from a woody vine from the Amazon River basin in South America.

Cat's Claw has immunostimulant (stimulates and strengthens the body's defenses), anti-inflammatory, and cytostatic (stops the growth and development of tumor-like cells) properties.

These abilities help to improve endurance and promote a quick recovery after the workout.

3. Nettle Leaf Extract (Urtica dioica)

This element is commonly formulated in most of the top testosterone boosting supplements. Nettle Leaf Extract has been proven to have detoxifying, blood purifying, and diuretic effects.

Also known as Stinging Nettle Root, this ingredient reduces inflammation, aids in recovery, enhances testosterone levels, improves sexual health and gives you more energy for your workouts.

4. Pepsin

Pepsin enzyme was created to improve protein digestion and absorption. It has a function to split proteins into smaller ones. This process will significantly alleviate the protein absorption in your body.

Pepsin is scientifically proven to boost nitrogen retention, liberate branched-chain amino acids, and other plasma amino acids. This enzyme works by producing a higher bioavailability within your body particularly to your muscles.

This allows your body to better process the needed amino acids and increases athletic performance. This powerful ingredient will help you produce increased muscle mass and strength.

Trenorol Results – Customer Reviews

The main aim for most users of this supplement is to gain the same impressive gains that they would have achieved with Trenbolone and to do so with speed advertised.

Crazy Bulk, one of the leader suppliers of Trenbolone alternative, promises results in just a few weeks and the reports from happy buyers, accompanied by the impressive before and after photos show that this can be achieved.

Trenorol result

Results of Using Trenorol

Some users are bulking up with as much as 8 lb of lean muscle in no more than 3 weeks which is more than many expected.

What makes these changes even more appealing to those that have written their personal endorsements is that they have also been able to shed a few pounds of fat without it having a negative effect on this lovely new muscle.

How to Use Trenorol?

A pack of Trenorol comes with 90 tablets. You should take no more than 3 pills a day, only one at a time, along with meals.

You should take these tablets even on the days when you don’t work out. When you workout, you should take a Trenorol tablet around 45 minutes before you get started with the weights.

You should expect great results after 2 months of consistent use of the supplement. No side effects are expected as long as you stick to the proper dosage and maintain a strict diet and exercise plan.

Caution (Side Effects)

While Trenorol is free from any known side effects, it is important to consult your doctor before you start taking the supplement. This is because it is possible that you have a preexisting medical condition or taking medication for something, and that may clash with Trenorol.

Another reason is certain ingredients in Trenorol can decrease blood pressure. There should be no problem for people who have normal blood pressure, but if you suffer from low blood pressure, it's better to check your condition first to your doctor before using.

You should definitely keep it out of the reach of children, and those who are under 18 are strictly cautioned against using Trenorol.


Trenorol is one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements from Crazy Bulk. It helps build amazing muscle mass, achieve great stamina, strength and endurance, and gives really solid and hard muscle gains.

It burns fat while preserving muscle mass and enhances your vascularity considerably.

It is perfectly safe, 100% legal and is a much better and safer alternative to Trenbolone.

Trenorol can be taken quickly in the form of tablets, and you don’t need to inject it with needles. You don’t need a prescription for Trenorol either.



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