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There are a lot of different ways to lose weight and increase lean muscle. No matter what method you choose, the goal is not just to eliminate fat cells, and it’s to block them from forming again. The body has a metabolic system in place that can help with this but may require a boost.

There’s where supplements that block fat come into play. There are a variety of fat blockers available today, many of which are going to help you gain the upper hand in your quest to manage weight overall.

Two of the best carb blockers getting attention right now include Meratol and Proactol.

Carb Blocker Pills – Choose The One With Right Ingredients

Before you look into taking any supplement, including carb blocker pills, it’s important to know what’s inside.

The ingredients that make up any solution today will help you understand the results a bit better. Knowing what you’re putting into your body is critical, and that includes items that are meant to help you live a healthy life.

In the case of carb blockers Meratol and Proactol, you get two very distinct ingredient lists.

The following are what you can expect from each carb blocker. Knowing the ingredients can help you make an educated decision on which weight loss aid is best for your particular needs.

Meratol Ingredients

Cactinea powder contains potent natural antioxidants that fight free radicals, stimulate toxin elimination and water retention. It transforms fat into energy, promoting the accelerated burning of localized fat.

Besides giving a satietogenic effect (appetite suppressant and anti-snacking) to the brain, Nopal is high in fiber which allows to capture and eliminate fats and sugars in the stomach before the body absorbs them. Nopal is considered a potent fat blocker because it has the power to hold up to 20 times its weight of fat.

Ascophyllum Nodosum includes many nutrients absorbed from the sea and is the main ingredient used in Meratol that binds fat. This natural substance suppresses appetite which causes you to not overeat and also helps give the tablet a solid form.

This ingredient is caffeine in the dry powder form because it simply doesn't contain water. While its main function is to promote thermogenesis (fat burning process), this component provides the energy you need during the day when other elements work to block carb.

Studies have shown that Medicago Sativa plant has the ability to normalize digestive tract disorders. This component helps you burn more calories and manage your weight effectively.

Proactol Ingredients

Chitosan is a natural source in Proactol that specifically comes from the microorganism (Aspergillus Niger) and has been studied for over 100 years. 

Early on researchers found that Chitosan binds with fat making it difficult for the body to absorb the fat. As a result, much of the fat and carb you eat will pass through you instead of being metabolized in your system.

Magnesium Stearate – is also known as octadecanoic acid. This is used in Proactol to suppress appetite which causes you to not overeat and also helps give the tablet a solid form.

As you can see, in the case of both fat blockers, there are natural ingredients that are meant to block the formation of fat cells.

These all work in different ways, but the goal is the same, to reduce overall body fat.

Each element mentioned in the ingredients helps with joint recovery, energy, protein building, and metabolic spike.

When you spike the metabolism, the result is weight loss, plain and simple. 

This may lead you to question, do carb blockers work, and the short answer is, yes.

However, it requires a bit more focus to understand why these two carb blocker pills may work better than others.

The Benefits

In order to fully understand the benefits that come with fat blocker pills, you need to know how they work.

Now, how do carb blockers work?

Well, it starts with the metabolic rate of the body. Everyone has a metabolism. 

That metabolism can spike, or it can be hindered. When you eat certain foods, fat cells can be diminished and turn into energy.

The Process of Blocking Carb and Fat

When you take Meratol or Proactol, the two pills act in the same manner. One works by giving you a powerful energy boost and helping metabolic rate sustain fat cell burning. Once cells are burned through, you will feel more vibrant, and alive.

The other option helps by blocking fat cell reproduction. That means that the body is not going to reproduce any fat cells moving forward.

Once you lose weight, you will keep it off, and that’s a good thing. The end benefits here is simple, weight loss that stays off, without worrying about putting it back on.

Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to trying to figure out the best carb blocker based on these two.

In fact, finding the best supplement to use is tough for anyone.

Not all supplements work 100% of the time for every person, as there are several elements that need to be addressed for weight loss.

However, in the case of these two carb blockers, consider a few quick pros and cons that some reviewers have noted.


  • Easy To Use
  • Simple Dosage
  • Blocks Carbs
  • Blocks Fat Cell Regrowth
  • Keeps Weight Down


  • Takes Time
  • Lifestyle Change May Be Required

As you can see, there are some key pros and cons to consider when taking any sort of fat blocker. The two mentioned are just some of the more popular solutions that you will no doubt want to consider. While no option is perfect, these fat blockers exhibit a good balance between pros and cons.

Side Effects

Some people may find that there are side effects of the supplements that they use. Not everyone will experience side effects, but the most common amidst fat blocker options is that of caffeine sensitivity. That can cause anxiety, elevated heart rate, and problems cooling down.

This is common for those that are sensitive to caffeine, to begin with. Others will find that there are no major side effects.

The reason there are no side effects is that the ingredients are proven effective, and natural. They work with the body’s regular systems and are not stimulants.

They don’t shock the system, or mask anything, but rather help with metabolic rates that already exist, for a smooth transition into seeing results.

What Are People Saying?

There are a lot of Meratol and Proactol reviews getting put up online today. As you explore what people are saying, you’ll find that there is an increase in positives. Lots of people have tested these solutions and reviewed it favorably.

Fat Binder Testimonial 1

Carb Blocker Review

While there are some negative reviews, they do not highlight ineffective use.

As stated above, every person is different. Barring medical problems, you’ll find that these two supplements work as described.

However, they may take time to fully manifest results, as they could require a bit of a shift in lifestyle.

Simply adding moderate exercise, and a sensible diet can boost the effectiveness of both of these supplements. That’s noted in many reviews.

Bottom Line

Once you lose weight, the biggest threat to your success is getting it all back. To avoid regaining the pounds you’ve worked hard to lose, you’ll need a fat blocker. Meratol and Proactol are popular choices, with ingredients that have been proven effective in the past.

Each option promises to block fat formation, carbs, and sugars that could cause weight gain. Losing weight, keeping it off, and gaining lean striated muscle becomes easy if you just use the right supplementation.

Fat and carb blockers can assist with spiking metabolism, and improving your healthy lifestyle. These two are very popular, with good reviews, and natural ingredients.

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