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Nu Image MedicalNu Image Medical clinic is located in Tampa, Florida. They have been a telehealth (telemedicine) provider since 2004. If you aren't familiar with what telehealth is, it is the practice of using information and telecommunication technologies to provide healthcare services.

This ground-breaking healthcare model is designed to eliminate the great barriers set by the distance between patients and licensed physicians.

By ordering online and completing the same medical forms as patients do in Nu Image medical offices, they've developed a stress-free and convenient platform available to anyone in the entire United States in search of the best medical hCG diet program available.

Telehealth gives their doctors the ability to prescribe pharmaceuticals to all their nationwide patients legally.  Nu Image Medical does not allow or prescribe the use of controlled substance medications on their telehealth programs.

Why Should You Consult your HCG Diet with the Doctors?

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The HCG medication, especially the injection, can only be obtained through a prescription from a licensed U.S physician.  Once approved by the doctor, Nu Image Medical team will provide you with FDA approved HCG.

Through their program, you will gain access to their team of physicians, practitioners, nutritionists, and HCG diet coaches.

Nu Image Medical always recommends the HCG injections over any other method, but for those that really want to go with an oral solution, they provide real HCG Diet Drops.

These drops contain double the dosage as the injections to ensure that your body absorbs the recommend amount of HCG (Some of the actual HCG will be “lost” by swallowing, saliva, etc.).

Since the only way to get real HCG is to go through a medical facility which will then go through the proper steps to provide you with prescription HCG, Nu Image Medical has developed their own proprietary telehealth process which allows you go through the entire process online.

This is How Nu Image Medical Administration’s Process Works

  1. First, you will be presented with an order form to select the program you're interested in.  Once you've chosen the program you desire, you will be given medical evaluation documents which can be completed right on the site.
  2. Their physicians may perform a telephone or video consultation with you as soon as you submit your online medical evaluation documents.
  3. These documents will then be forwarded to one of their doctors, who will, in turn, review these documents to make sure you're a fit for the program. They will go over your medical records and perform the same evaluation you would receive in their medical centers.
  4. Once your documents are reviewed, you will receive a call from the doctor or physician's assistant for a teleconsultation. During the teleconsultation, you will be able to ask any medical concerns you may have. Once completed, your prescription will be processed by the pharmacy.

The entire process is quick, easy, and most importantly, can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

Nu Image Medical HCG Injections

nu image medical hcg injectionsWhen doing HCG injections, you receive all your necessary supplies to mix and do your injections daily including the HCG hormone in its purest freeze dried (powder) state. When doing an injection it goes straight in your body there is no guesswork involved, no absorbing, no digesting.

You do one injection a day, so there’s no need to haul your product around with you anywhere. You can choose to do your injection in the morning or evening, and this is a personal choice of what works best for your lifestyle.

Some say the thought of having to inject something in their body using a needle is frightening to them. We can’t express enough that doing an injection with a 1/2 syringe is not painful at all and is surprisingly easier than you can even imagine it to be.

We suggest doing it slowly, and 99.9% of people report they didn’t even feel a thing and was so pleased with how easy it is to give themselves an injection. The areas we recommend is on either side of the belly button stomach area or the upper/outer hip buttocks area.


Mixing Instructions: Delivers 200 iu HCG per daily dose.

  • Using LARGE MIXING SYRINGE, withdraw 5ml’s of mixing solution and inject into the side of HCG vial (Not directly on top of powder).
  • Swirl gently to mix (Do not shake).
  • Using SMALL INSULIN SYRINGE, draw up and pull to the “20” mark on the insulin syringe. (0.20ml) Inject into fatty belly tissue daily, 3” either side of your belly button.

You’ll need to keep it refrigerated immediately upon mixing!

Nu Image Medical Oral Drops

Prescription HCG Oral DropsThe difference between Nu Image Medical with other HCG providers is that they only provide a prescription HCG, not a homeopathic treatment. This means you’ll need to get approval first from their doctors before administering the drops.

A homeopathic bottle usually indicates HCG concentration as “number X” (6X, 12X…); what does this mean? It means the actual ratio of HCG to water is 1:10,000,000. Just to put this number into perspective imagine one drop of HCG dissolved in a bathtub of water.

So if you decide to go with the homeopathic HCG and stick to a 500 calorie diet, there is a chance that you are starving your body, storing extra fat, and losing muscle tissue.

With prescribed HCG, you might pay a little more, but you will consume the correct amount of hormone to provide the necessary energy for normal body functions. Therefore, you will only burn fat tissue and maintain your muscle tissue intact.

But this doesn’t mean the homeopathic bottle doesn’t work. If it doesn’t work, these companies will close before the businesses reach a year. In fact, companies like HCG Complex and Triumph, have successfully helped thousands of people for more than 8 years.

Unlike homeopathic drops which can be used immediately, with the prescription drops, you’ll still need to prepare it first before using it.

HCG Mixing Directions – Oral Drops

  • With provided 10 ML syringe, withdraw 10 ml of Sublingual Cyanocobalamin bottle.
  • Inject the fluid into the clear provided phial, swirl clear phial (and do not shake!)
  • Extract all of the reconstituted HCG from the clear vial and inject all of it into the sublingual Cyanocobalamin bottle, swirl (do not shake!)
  • Twist the blue stopper on the sublingual Cyanocobalamin.
  • Dissolve .5 ML under tongue for 3 minutes.

Same with the injection, you’ll need to keep it refrigerated immediately upon mixing!

Profile of Doctors at Nu Image Medical

These are the list of health practitioners who are going to help you at the clinic.

Note that the list of the doctors might change over time, just like when other people commonly work in a company. But this is to give you an idea of the qualifications of the people who will serve you.

1. Dr Odom

Doctor OdomDr Odom is a highly regarded certified Anesthesiologist and is board certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging. Dr Odom served her residency at Brookdale University Hospital in Brooklyn NY one of the most respected non-profit, teaching hospitals in the country.

Her interest in Anti-aging and weight loss began through her many years of work as an Anesthesiologist and Cosmetic Physician. Her strong belief has always motivated Dr Odom that every single area of our lives is affected by our health and wellness.

Due to her motivation and her extensive knowledge in effective/safe cosmetic procedures, Dr. Odom is dedicated to helping people correct those imperfections that have become uncomfortably noticeable.

2. Dr Vickman

Doctor VickmanA graduate of UCLA School of Medicine Larry Vickman has practiced in the emergency, rehabilitative, and family medicine while also being a well-respected health consultant.

His board certifications range from emergency medicine to medical management, and his residency is in family practice.  He received his MHA from the University of Colorado College of Business in 1991.

Dr Vickman's extraordinary clinical practice career expands over decades.  His practice ranges from emergency, family, and rehabilitative medicine.

For over 15 years, Dr Vickman provided consultations to widely recognized doctors, groups, and institutions on a variety of issues ranging from management, and staff leadership, to group management.

After taking a sabbatical in Barcelona, Spain, Dr Vickman published many highly publicized articles regarding physician well-being and burnout.  He has spoken on the subject for the last several years.

Dr Vickman is an honorary member of the following organizations:

  • American College of Emergency Physicians
  • American College of Health Care Executives

3. Dr DiSanto

Doctor DiSantoDr DiSanto attended Widener University where he majored in Biology. He later continued his studies at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine where he received his medical degree.

Dr Vinson Di Santo is a Certified Family Practice Physician, Board Certified Nutritionist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and the associated complementary/integrative disciplines.

He is also certified in Bau Biology Environmental inspection (environmental medicine specialist), Anti-Aging Medicine, Chelation Therapy, Functional Medicine and Bariatric Medicine.

Currently, Dr Di Santo practices conventional and alternative medicine and is an active member of many national healthcare organizations.

4. Angelina Cole-Boolbol, PA

Angelina Cole-Boolbol attended Florida International University where she majored in business administration.  She later attended Miami Dade College where she received her degree in allied health as part of their Physician Assistant program.

Aside from being a licensed Physician’s assistant, Angelina is also Advanced Cardiac Life Support certified. Her experience and skills range from pre and post op patient care, cosmetic procedures, and weight loss treatments.

Currently, Angelina consults and treats weight loss and cosmetic patients at Nu Image Medical.


No matter which method you choose, injection and drops will provide the same positive results.

However, since oral drops are mixed with a liquid, Nu Image Medical clarified to us that you'd need a higher dose intake when you decide to use the drops.

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