HCG Complex Drops – Will It Work? Review & Where to Buy

If you are on the lookout for a weight loss product that’s effective in meeting your goal, then HCG Complex drops can be one of your top options. This HCG diet product may just be offering the solution you really need.

As a homeopathic HCG formula, HCG Complex drops is among the most recognized products available today. With users reporting positive results, this HCG drops can produce quite an amazing weight loss result even with a short time period.

Now, let’s look into this trendsetting weight loss formula and observe why a lot of people regard HCG drops as one of the best out there today.

HCG Complex and Biosource Labs

Biosource Labs LLC is the company that manufactures HCG Complex. The business has an established name in the weight loss industry.

With over eight years of competing in the weight loss market, the company is popularly identified for HCG diet solutions and more.

The company has secured a specific approval from the FDA, meaning, their facilities, including the research and production (manufacturing) laboratories, have acquired proper inspections and approval.

If you’re new to HCG Complex diet, it is in the form of drops. The formula combines homeopathic HCG and an assortment of selected herbs which are particularly chosen for how they enhance the metabolic rate of the body while suppressing one’s appetite at the same moment.

This means, your body takes in fewer calories, but at the same time, it generates enough fuel (or energy) to maintain optimum body functions and activities.

As with other reasonable and effective diet programs, you are advised to take HCG Complex drops together with a healthy diet regimen.

A calorie diet plan may have you consuming 500, or 800, and even 1,200 calories. This will basically depend on your body’s surface area: volume ratio.

As you continue with the program, you will notice your body getting rid of most of its fat deposits.

How Does HCG Complex Work?

When you look at the composition of ingredients found in HCG Complex, you can observe that it exceeds a lot of other HCG dietary supplements on sale on the market today.

The ingredient structure actually exceeds the GMP Standards set by the FDA. The formula is innovative for mimicking the effects and workings of the body’s natural HCG hormone, in keeping with a safe and natural method.

As the HCG enters your body system, it works by stimulating the hypothalamus gland towards signaling your body to release the stored fats directly onto the bloodstream.

Those fat cells that move in the bloodstream are then used for body nourishment — the activity functions as an appetite suppressant.

Since the release of HCG into the bloodstream facilitates nourishment, the body does not present with food cravings.

That’s why using HCG Complex in combination with, let’s say, a 500 calorie diet, is a lot manageable for a person to do as opposed to just following a low-calorie diet plan without getting support or supplementation.

HCG Complex formula grants consumers the capacity to lose weight and realistically manage challenges like cravings and so on. Additionally, the formula is high in amino acids which keep your energy levels high.

This way, you remain productive and able to accomplish tasks throughout your day. You avoid experiencing negative side effects like easy fatigue, loss of concentration, and more.

Results to Expect when Using HCG Complex

New businesses and products come and go. Many fail in satisfying their customers. Other products are not able to sustain results in the long run. As for HCG Complex, product credibility and reliability record are running positively for over 8 years.

As a consumer, you may expect what other users have proven for themselves, a price-friendly and effective product that produces intended results. You may check BioSource for more reviews and product insights from its customers.

HCG Complex Ingredients and Formulation

BioSource Labs is successful for so many reasons, including company and product transparency. The ingredients are declared and available at the company website for people to know and evaluate. The brand is committed to customer satisfaction and success.
The aim is to put out a product that truly and simply works; where users won’t need to figure out or determine how to carry out a successful program what to do, or what to use.

Customers basically follow the regimen without difficulty or confusion and HCG Complex will deliver the intended results
You can expect incredible customer and product support from BioSource. Inquiries are open any time so you can use the product effectively. But, more importantly, the product itself works because of the combination of proven ingredients it carries. So you can expect good success.

For ingredients, HCG Complex has come up with a proprietary mix of amino acids and botanical extracts. There are actually 25 ingredients blended into the formulation. And we can highlight a number of them right now:

Beta-Alanine. This amino acid is a staple when it comes to sports enhancement supplementation. It assists in the stimulation of the fast-twitch muscle fibers which are responsible for explosive body movements.

Ketones – The ketone bodies present in the bloodstream help facilitate and enhance rapid metabolism. As we know, fast metabolism results in rapid weight loss.

Glutamine. This is a primary building block of protein. It is also responsible for the healthy functioning of your digestive system. It also strengthens the immune system and helps hasten muscle recovery.

How Do You Use HCG Complex Drops?

Expect HCG complex drops to be effective when you consume it properly. When you order the package, it will arrive together with a free diet plan. This included material helps make sure that you take in reduced calories. Follow it so you can successfully burn out most of the fat deposits in a good amount of time.

Let’s detail the best way you can use HCG Complex drops so you can achieve excellent results at a quicker pace:

The program for using HCG complex Drops is tri-phased. The first phase is loading. The second phase is the low-calorie diet. The third phase is maintenance.

The Loading Phase

During this phase, you prepare your body so that it becomes able to handle the high metabolism that is to follow once you start taking the product. For the loading phase, consume as much food as you can. Usually, this happens for the first three days before you begin supplementing with HCG Complex drops. This large intake is important to keep your body well energized and nourished as it adjusts to the calorie deficits it will experience later on.

The VLCD Phase

The Very Low-Calorie Diet (VLCD) phase is when you start losing the targeted weight. As you stark taking the prescribed dosage of HCG Complex drops (on a daily basis), your metabolism kicks up a level higher.

You will notice your appetite significantly reducing. Now, since you’ve properly loaded up for 3 days in advance, you should not feel lethargic or crazy hungry for side effects.

The body will notice the imbalance and will proceed to gobble up the stored fat deposits. With HCG Complex drops, users notice an average of 1 to 2 pounds of weight loss daily. If you compute that for the duration of the 21-day program, up to 30 pounds of weight loss is doable.

Of course, it’s best for you to seek advice and determine a healthy weight loss target before commencing with product use.

The Maintenance Phase

It depends on your goals. So, you can continue with the program if you need to lose more weight. But, you need to follow a few weeks of break. Then, repeat the loading and shedding phases. This period of “break” in-between is the maintenance phase. It is when you watch and take care that your body keeps the weight you have achieved so far.

During the maintenance phase, you don’t need to take the HCG drops. You just need to exercise and eat healthy foods. Because you have already taken HCG drops for the set period of time just before, your body undergoes a reset in which you’re taken back to a state of fitness. You only need to maintain this condition.

When you arrive at this phase, you’d be happy to know that there’s no need for extreme dieting anymore or intense workouts. Just eat healthily and stay active.

The Price

The brand is quite affordable in price, especially when you line it up with other products. The price has remained mostly the same, and a free bottle may come with a single purchase. Promotional offers are given. Check in at the company site, and you may be able to avail the “Buy 6, Get 6 bottles” promo and other offers.


If you are serious about achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and body condition, then it’s worth looking into the product efficacy and suitability of HCG Complex drops.

With solid and supportive customer support, you can rely on BioSource Labs to provide immediate assistance when you need clarifications.

The product itself is a combination of ingredients that are proven to work with no customers reporting negative side effects. So you may very well trust that the HCG diet program will be beneficial for you.