Kangen Water Machine Reviews: Benefits, Price, Safety of This Ionizer

Kangen Water Machine

Kangen Water Machine

How does the Enagic Kangen water machine work? What are its benefits? Is it safe? How much does it cost? These questions are often asked by people who want to try out this unique device.

Enagic is a Japanese company that has been in the business of making water filters for over 50 years. They have made some pretty amazing products, and it's no wonder why they are still around today. Their product line includes everything from water filtration systems to air purifiers.

One of their top-selling product is the Kangen Water Machine. This device produces water that is alkaline or acidic based on your preference.

Kangen water is a Japanese term that refers to the process of producing drinking water from natural spring waters. The word “kangen” means “to flow naturally,” and this process has been used in Japan for centuries.

Kangen water machines are known for their ability to produce high-quality drinking water from tap water. They are also known for being able to purify water without using chemicals or filters.

It has been scientifically proven that drinking pure water helps improve overall health. According to research, Kangen water is safe and effective at treating various health conditions, including arthritis, asthma, allergies, cancer, diabetes, digestive disorders, heart problems, kidney stones, obesity, skin ailments, ulcers, and urinary tract infections.

If you live in an area where clean drinking water is scarce, investing in a Kangen water machine is a great way to access clean drinking water at home.

The best part about these devices is that they do not require any electricity to operate. You simply need to plug them into your wall socket and let them run overnight.

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How Does Kangen Water Work?

Kangen Water LevelukFirst off, let's talk about how Kangen works.

Basically, Kangen uses an electrolysis process to create two different types of water: alkaline and acidic.

The process of making alkaline water involves passing a current through two electrodes submerged in water. The current causes electrons to flow, which creates ions. When the ions collide with each other, they form hydrogen gas and oxygen gas.

Alkaline water is created when the pH level of the water is above 7.0. Acidic water is created when the water is below 4.0.

In this case, Kangen Water Machine can produce alkaline water between 2.7 -11.5 pH.

Why do we care about the pH level?

Well, the pH scale measures the acidity or alkalinity of water.

For instance, when the pH is 8.0, the water is neutral. However, when the pH drops below 6.0, the water becomes acidic. Similarly, when the pH rises above 10.0, the water turns alkaline.

Suppose it contains more than 7 pH levels. It is considered good for our body since it balances the acidity.

On the other hand, when the pH is lower, it means the water is acidic. When the pH is higher, it means the water contains basic elements. If we drink acidic water, it tends to cause inflammation and disease.


The Process Explained

The Mechanism of Kangen Water Ionizer

There are two main ways to make Kangen Water Machine work.

One way is to use an electrolytic cell. The second method uses a reverse osmosis filter.

Both methods use electricity to create alkaline and acidic water.

The difference lies in the type of electrodes used.

Electrolysis uses copper plates, while Reverse Osmosis uses carbon rods.

1. Electrolysis

Kangen Water Ionizer Electrolysis Process

This method uses copper plates as electrodes.

First, the water passes through the electrode, which generates positive ions. These positive ions attach themselves to the oxygen atoms in the water molecule. As a result, the oxygen atom becomes positively charged.

Next, the water passes through another electrode. This time, it receives a negative charge.

Because the oxygen atom now has a negative charge, it attracts the hydrogen atom.

Thus, the oxygen-hydrogen bond breaks. As a result, the oxygen and hydrogen become separated.

Finally, the water comes out as pure oxygen gas and hydrogen gas.

2. Reverse Osmosis

Kangen Water Reverse Osmosis

This method uses carbon rods as electrodes.

First of all, the water enters the system. It goes through the membrane.

Then, the water flows through the carbon rods. At this point, the water molecules pass through the membrane.

The membrane allows only water molecules to pass through.

After passing through the membrane, the water molecules come out as pure water.

Now, here's where things get interesting.

With Kangen water, all you need is just one switch to turn your water into either acidic or alkaline water. There are three general settings: Alkaline, Neutral, and Acidic. You can also adjust the strength of the water by changing the voltage output.

Because Kangen creates both alkaline and acidic water, you can drink it immediately without having to wait for the water to change its pH.

This is because the water changes once you activate the Kangen machine.

Once activated, the water will begin producing alkaline or acidic water, depending on what you set it to.

In other words, you can drink the same amount of water twice and end up with two different types of water.


5 Specific Types of Water that Kangen Water Produces

There are five types of water produced by the Kangen machine. They are:

Water Types with different pH Levels

1. Kangen Water

With a pH level between 8.5 and 9.5, you can consume this water daily. You can drink the water, but you can also use it to make tea and coffee and wash vegetables.

2. Neutral Water

It has a pH level of 7.0, which makes it suitable for making milk for your baby. You can also use this type of water to take medicine.

3. Acidic Water

With a PH of 4.0-7.0, this type of water is not safe to drink and cannot be used to wash anything except the face, wash your hair, and clean everything made of glass.

4. Strong Acidic Water

This water has a pH level of 2.6, which means it's only usable for cleaning and disinfecting cutlery, hands, and gargling. It's not suitable for drinking.

5. Strong Kangen Water

This type of water has a pH of 11. It's not drinkable and is used to wash fruits, clean oil-containing stains, and wash dishes.


The Two Main Models of Kangen Water Machine

There are two main models of Kangen Water Machine: Kangen Leveluk K8 and Laveluk SD501.

The difference between both models are:

  1. Leveluk K8 uses 8 platinum-dipped titanium plates, while Leveluk SD501 only uses 7 platinum-dipped titanium plates.
  2. These models have an LCD screen that shows the water's current status. Leveluk K8 features a full-color LCD screen (K8), but Leveluk SD501 features a conventional monochrome LCD screen. 
  3. The ORP capacity of Leveluk K8 is up to -850, and Leveluk SD501 produces an ORP level between -600 to -800
  4. Despite the differences mentioned earlier, both generate water with the same pH levels, which is between 2.5 and 11.5.

But What is ORP level, You May Ask?

ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential.

The ORP level is a way to measure how many free radicals there are in a liquid.

Free radicals are unstable molecules that have unpaired electrons. They can damage cells and lead to aging.

When the ORP level is too high, it indicates that the water contains lots of free radicals. This makes it unsafe to drink. On the other hand, it means the opposite when it is too low.


Is It Worth to Buy Kangen Water Machine?

What makes this product unique is that it allows users to switch between these two options as often as they want.

Most other devices require you to wait several hours before switching to another option. With the Kangen Water Machine, you can drink alkaline water all day long and then switch to acidic water at night.

Another great feature about this system is that it does not require batteries. Instead, it runs on electricity supplied by the wall socket.

If you're wondering if there are any downsides to using this product, I'm happy to report that the only drawback is the fact that it requires a bit of patience while waiting for the water to change.

However, after using the machine for a few days, you won't even notice the wait anymore. In fact, you'll be glad that you waited!

The good news is that you don't need to buy this product right away. You can try out the starter kit, which comes with everything you need to start drinking Kangen water.

In addition, you can also purchase additional parts such as replacement filters and replacement electrodes.

You can use these parts to upgrade your current unit to a more powerful version.

I was able to test out the starter kit, and I must say that it works just like the manufacturer says it would.

It took me less than 30 minutes to install the components, and my first batch of water was ready within 15 minutes.

It's important to note that the Kangen water machine is designed to work best with distilled water. If you live in an area with hard water, you may experience problems with the machine.

Also, make sure to read the manual thoroughly before installing the unit. The instructions are very detailed and easy to follow.

I haven't had any issues with the machine as far as durability goes. A few things could cause damage, but I think most people wouldn't have a problem with them.

For example, the filter cartridge can get clogged easily, so you should replace it every 6 months.

On top of that, the electrode can wear down quickly because of the high voltage. However, replacing the electrode is quite simple.

Overall, the Kangen Water Machine is one of the best alkaline water ionizers available today. It's affordable and easy to set up.


Should I Buy Kangen Water Machine?

If you have ever wondered why your skin looks dull and lifeless, then you might be interested in buying a Kangen water system.

These systems use the same principle as the air conditioner. In fact, if you think of the air conditioner as the filter, then the Kangen water machine acts as the compressor.

When the air conditioner runs, it compresses the air inside the room. As a result, the temperature drops. Similarly, when the Kangen water system runs, it produces alkaline water, which lowers the pH level of the water.

As a result, the water becomes less acidic. This means that your skin will look healthier and younger.

You can use the purified water to make homemade salad dressings, smoothies and even coffee.

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Is It Safe?

Yes! Unlike most bottled water, Kangen water doesn't contain chemicals like fluoride or chlorine used in the production. In fact, it doesn't even contain minerals such as calcium or magnesium. Since Kangen water isn't filtered, it also doesn't contain bisphenol A (BPA), an ingredient found in plastic bottles.

In fact, many studies are proving that drinking water produced by Kangen water machines improves health. For example, researchers found that people who drank Kangen water had better immune systems than those who did not.

There are also studies showing that drinking Kangen water reduces the risk of cancer.

Another study showed that drinking Kangen water increases energy levels and decreases stress.

However, some people still worry about the safety of Kangen water. Some say that it may contain harmful bacteria.

But this is not true. All Kangen water machines come with a built-in ozone generator. This eliminates all microorganisms and bacteria.

So, whether you want to treat your skin or just want to enjoy healthy drinks, Kangen water is a great option.


Why is Kangen Water Machine So Expensive?

Why do Kangen machines cost more than similar ionizers? Well, Kangen sales reps claim the high price is due to the number (8) of platinum plates. However, other ionizer companies like Tyent use only 13 plates and still manage to sell their products for much less!

As I've said, Kangen's prices seem to be inflated by the MLM business model.

Even though this machine is a very high-quality product, the truth is that Kangen sells its machines at a loss. The company makes money through the sale of the filters and electrodes.

This is where the MLM model comes in. By selling the filters and electrodes separately, they are able to charge higher prices.

This is because they don't have to pay royalties to the manufacturers of these parts.

Also, since Kangen has a monopoly over the market, they can dictate prices.

Since Kangen is the only manufacturer of Kangen water machines, they are able to set the price of their products artificially high.

Ionizing water is a great way to improve your health. But beware of cheap models sold online. They might not work properly.


Are There Any Alternatives With The Same Quality That Cost Less?

Yes, there is indeed. We recommend you check out the Tyent USA as the main alternative to the Kangen Water Machine. This company offers a wide range of ionizing water machines.

Tyent USA uses the same technology as Kangen but costs significantly less.

For example, one of its bestsellers is the Tyent Ionizer ACE-13. It is a powerful device that produces up to 5 gallons of clean fresh water per day.

It does so using only 13 platinum plates instead of 8 or 7.

The quality of the water produced by the Tyent Ionizer is comparable to that of the Kangen Water Machine, if not superior.

The Tyent Ionizer ACE-13 is available for $3,995.00, while the Kangen Water Machine costs between $4,860.00 and $5.650.00.

If you're looking for a cheaper solution, then we'd recommend checking out the Tyent Ionizer Edge-9 Turbo. Its price costs less than $2,500.

At this price, it's hard to beat.

This model produces up to 3 gallons of water per day. It works well for households with small children and pets.



We hope our review was helpful. If you're interested in purchasing a Kangen water machine, please read our guide about choosing the best Kangen water ionizer.

We have done all the research for you. We know which features matter most when making such a purchase.

That said, we highly recommend the Kangen Water Machine as one of the best choices.

However, if you want to save some money, we suggest you consider the Tyent Ionizer.

Both companies offer top-notch products.

But the Tyent Ionizer costs much less than the Kangen Water Machine and provides similar results.

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