5 Best Male Enhancement Pills – Natural OTC Supplements to Last Longer

Male Enhancement OTC Pills

Male Enhancement OTC Pills

With age, a man's sexual performance gets compromised and starts deteriorating. Hence, a lot of men prefer taking male enhancement pills to retain their sexual drive.

If you happen to be struggling with low testosterone levels, you should definitely go on to read further.

Why Use Male Enhancement Pills? 

Male enhancement pills consist of natural ingredients and rarely obliterate side effects. This is the reason why it is usually considered safe. Besides, these are generally formulated to redefine sexual dysfunction problems and are easily digestible.

Different pills have different ingredients, and although these pills might show different functionalities, they also spearhead you to the benefits listed below:

  • Longer erections,
  • Intense orgasms,
  • A commendable blood flow increase in your genitals, and
  • Higher stamina and endurance.

Some of these pills are specifically built to focus on your penis functionality, while others give you mental and physical benefits.

It comes down to your choice as an individual. The good news is, there is a pill available to suit every last bit of your needs, regardless of what they are.

Male Enhancement Pills: The Benefits

It is normal for men to worry about their penis size. In fact, many men suffer from low self-esteem when it comes to satisfying their partners in bed. Here are some benefits of male enhancement pills that will help you to overcome similar worries:

  1. Zero Negative effects: Most of the pills on the market use natural ingredients. Hence, they are mostly safe. You will likely not face any negativity as long as you stick to your doctor's recommendations.
  2. Increased Libido: Male enhancement pills help you increase your libido and enhance pleasure for your partner for extended periods.
  3. Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem: These pills help you enhance your self-esteem and confidence physically and psychologically.
  4. Increased erection: You experience a new level of erection when taking these pills. With these pills, you are likely to curb premature ejaculation and enjoy extended erections in bed, thus performing exceptional results!

5 Best Male Enhancement Pills in The Market 

You may get carried away while trying to choose the ideal male enhancement pill for yourself. There are endless male enhancement pills available, but you must maintain your safety simultaneously.

Here are five of the best male enhancement pills on the market:

1. Male Extra

Male Extra happens to be one of the most sought-after male enhancement pills on the market. It uses a fusion of proven, safe, sustainable, and natural ingredients to improve your erections and sexual capabilities. It helps you to increase your nitric oxide body levels naturally.

Nitric oxide is known to be a vasodilator – this means that it enables you to relax and improve your oxygen and blood flow levels. The newly enhanced blood flow also ensures that more nutrients and oxygen are delivered to your cells feasibly.

By doing so, Male Extra endows you with a harder penis that lets you enjoy your sexual fantasies for long stretches of time and derive more pleasurable and intense orgasms. 

Male Extra uses a hundred percent safe and natural ingredients, which means zero side effects are involved. Besides, Male Extra happens to be the only product that uses pomegranate ellagic 40% and L-arginine HCL in their formula.

These powerful ingredients are hard to come across in any other enhancement products.


  • High effectivity
  • Accelerates strength and well being
  • Contains a formula that has been scientifically proven


  • It might be a bit on the more expensive side.


2. VigRX Plus

The VigRX is yet another one of the most sought-after enhancement pills that offer ingredients resulting from ten years of hardcore research. The formulation has been derived from pleasuring you with enhanced sexual and reproductive health.

By taking this pill, you derive the maximum dose of every necessary ingredient present in this pill.

VigRX maintains the utmost transparency with its clientele and does not promise quality formulation under pretenses.

Each ingredient is used in its optimum quantity and the finest of their kinds. It also includes BioPerine in its formulation, which instigated an array of clinical studies and derived a variety of patents simultaneously. 

The ingredients in VigRX Plus contain Damiana, an aromatic flower that improves the oxygen supply in your body; Epimedium leaf extract or horny goat weed that accelerates your penis' blood supply; Asian Red Ginseng, an ancient plant that acts as an aphrodisiac; and Muira Puama bark extract which is yet another aphrodisiac.

These ingredients directly target the nitric oxide levels in your body, which help you smoothen your muscle tissue in the two long cylindrical tubes known as corpus cavernosa in your penis. This enables you to achieve a thicker erection that lasts longer.

All you need to do is take two capsules regularly, as this will allow your body to absorb the maximum amount of ingredients while keeping the dose under a consistent level in your system.


  • Acts as a testosterone booster
  • Contains centuries-old aphrodisiacs that are known to boost sexual desires in men
  • Increases erection
  • Improved orgasms
  • Increases your ability to control your erections


  • You may experience occasional side effects.


3. Viasil – Male Potency Formula

With one Viasil a day, you will be able to re-ignite your deepest sexual desires that last longer and enjoy an improved endurance level at the same time. It gives you the feasibility to rise in every occasion confidently. It is a hundred percent fast, active, natural, and safe.

By taking Viasil, you can enjoy pleasurable activities with your partner without worrying about issues like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. It also helps you stay active and ready in your bedroom with newly sustained energy levels.

The Viasil contains horny goat weed that reduces erectile dysfunction in men and zinc that boosts testosterone production in your body naturally. It aims to increase the nitric oxide levels in your system, giving you a rigid erection by increasing the blood flow in your penis. It causes your blood vessels' inner walls to open up, which helps you sustain your erection for long amounts of time.

It also contains Citrus Sinensis, which improves your ATP production, helping you transport energy throughout your body muscles during sexual activities.

Its dual system also increases the oxygen flow throughout your body. Overall, this is indeed one of the best male enhancement pills that are available on the market.


  • Comprises natural ingredients exclusively
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Enhanced and optimum sexual pleasures are guaranteed.


  • Shipping options are limited at the moment.


4. Extenze Male Enhancement Pill 

Extenze is one of the most sought-after male enhancement pills on the market. It helps you induce blood flow in three different erectile chambers in the penis, ensuring you achieve a bigger and harder erection.

This happens due to the unique herbal blend in its formula. Every ingredient in this pill has been picked up carefully, and thus it ensures that you enjoy sustained levels of pleasure during sexual activities.

It is to be duly noted that this male enhancement pill does not use artificial ingredients and follows a natural formula that maximizes your endurance. Its composition comprises a hundred percent natural ingredients like folate, zinc, pregnenolone, piper longum, ginger extract, Yohimbe, Tribulus Terrestris, and Korean ginseng.

It is completely risk-free, and you can have it once a day without any qualms. It is undoubtedly one of the highest quality virility supplements specially designed for men by leading sexual health professionals. Hence, you do not require doctor visits to take this pill.


  • Highly effective
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Boosts your immunity system


  • Efficiency depends on case to case basis


5. ProSolution Male Enhancement Pill

A breakthrough product, the ProSolution is one of the most sought-after male enhancement pills that helps you to attain optimal performance during your bedroom activities. It can give you harder and thicker erections as it addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of sexual health.

ProSolution contains ancient herbal ingredients like Korean Ginseng, Butea Superba, Solidilin, Drilizen, Cordyceps, and Curculigo, along with essential amino acids. These ingredients help you with increased blood flow to your penis.

This formula has been found to have an active effect on the Rho-kinase protein that blocks the flow of Myosin Phosphatase (MP), which helps you to have increased blood flow in your penis naturally.

Every ingredient used in this pill has been proven to have no side effects. Besides, ProSolution has been around in the market for over a decade now. Manufactured in a cGMP-certified laboratory, these pills have helped many men around the globe overcome their fear and confidently enjoy their private lives.


  • Contains 100% natural ingredients
  • Intense orgasms guaranteed
  • Helps you to curb premature ejaculation
  • Increased libido
  • Harder erection


  • Some users might face allergic reactions.


Other Options: HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

The pituitary gland generally produces the HGH and induces growth in both adults and children. It also helps you regulate your body muscles and development, bone growth, fluids, heart functionality, and fat and sugar metabolism.

Some people tend to opt for HGH as they believe that these hormones will keep them youthful and the best of their energetic selves.

HGH: Uses

In 1985, synthetic HGH injections were developed and approved by the FDA to treat poor growth in adults and children.

In children, these issues included Turner's Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, chronic kidney disease, HGH insufficiency or deficiency, and children who were small by birth during their gestation period.

In adults, HGH usage treats short bowel syndrome, pituitary tumors, and HIV/AIDS.

You should note that the FDA does not approve HGH in some cases. Still, people tend to use it with other growth-inducing and performance-enhancing steroids to improve their performances athletically. 

Anti-aging experts even went on to claim that even when the HGH levels in one's body deteriorate with time, it can be used synthetically as an anti-aging agent. 

Sexual Benefits 

HGH boosting supplements help in improving sexual health in men as they start enjoying their sexual functionality. They increase the penis size, sexual performance, stamina, and naturally fewer chances of men facing erectile dysfunction.

HGH supplement also helps in elongating sexual behavior by eliminating pre-ejaculation. This allows men to lead a normal and exciting life rather than worrying about their dying self-esteem!

Male Enhancement Pills: FAQ 

It is natural to get worried when it comes to taking a new pill. Hence, here are a few questions you might end up asking while opting for an enhancement pill.

Do they work?

In case you are hoping to buy an enhancement pill, the reviews mentioned above will help you choose your desired product. These pills are generally formulated with a hundred percent natural ingredients, and more often than not, they work! These pills claim their effectiveness with thorough case studies and research protocols.

If yes, then how quickly do they work?

The results may vary on a case-to-case basis. In some cases, they work within a short period, while others might take longer than necessary. You may derive your desired requirements if you follow the instructions discreetly.

Is it safe to take a double dose regularly?

Always try to stick to the recommended dose in the package. It can be potentially harmful to your health. In case the packaging recommends a double dose, you may go ahead and opt for it.

Do I have to continue taking these pills for an enhanced period?

These pills only work temporarily to help you overcome your erection dysfunction. Hence, if your dysfunction happens to be strictly psychological, they also boost your confidence to overcome your issues.

Where can I find these?

Some of these pills are found in stores like Walmart, while you can find others online. Everything comes down to your individual choice.


Male enhancement pills can become your best friend if you follow the instructions strictly. 

You need to ensure that you always stay up to date with the ingredients used in these pills to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Upon choosing the right pill, you can lead a far better and more confident lifestyle and truly be yourself. 

As mentioned earlier, the reviews would definitely help you lead a healthy lifestyle and increase your penis size, sex drive, and testosterone levels. 

If you are based in the United States, you will easily find these pills in the store and online. 

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