Surgical Super Glue Can Seal Cuts Within Seconds

Surgical glue

Surgical glueScientists working on an elastic super surgical glue have reported success in sealing cuts within seconds. The team comprised of scientists from Northwestern University, the University of Sydney and Harvard Medical School. The team has named the super glue as ‘MeTro’. The elastic gel has been developed from a human protein that reacts with UV light. The team reported that the elastic gel created by them solidifies as it comes in contact with tissue surfaces.

Normally, the gel takes just sixty seconds to seal a wound. The team added that the glue can bring in transformation in the way surgeries are performed. It can also replace needles and staples for closing wounds or cuts during surgery.

As MeTro is made from human proteins, it is also helpful in healing the wound. The glue hasn’t been tested on humans yet. The research team has tested the glue on lab mice. They added that within 3-5 years, it can be available as a treatment option.

Nasim Annabi, assistant professor of chemical engineering, added, “MeTro is different from anything that is currently accessible. It is profoundly adhesive, working as a patch on the hearts, lungs, or other organs. The gel’s flexible character makes this ideal for muscle, which needs elasticity, such as an expanding lung. It can be fine-tuned to deteriorate at a pace specific to the amount of time an organ requires to heal.”

Another exciting aspect of MeTro is the ability to dissolve easily when the wound has healed. It can be adjusted with a degrading enzyme.

Annabi and her partners presently intend to experiment MeTro throughout a more extended period. After that, she aspires to perform clinical tests with individuals. Within 3 to 5 years, Annabi told she estimates the glue will be accessible in hospitals.

A research paper detailing the abilities of super glue has been published Wednesday in Science Translational Medicine.

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