Do Vegetable Supplements Work?

Does Vegetable Supplements Work

Do Vegetable Supplements Work

Are vegetable supplements worth buying? Can they really help you lose weight, gain muscle mass, boost energy levels, and increase stamina?

There are many claims made by supplement companies claiming that these products will do just that. But does any of it work? Let's find out!

We've done extensive research on the topic of vegetable supplements and found that most of them don't work. In fact, some of them may even harm you.

But there are a few that do work. And we're going to tell you how to identify them.

In this article, we'll go over the types of supplements that actually work and why you should buy them.

Some Companies Make False Claims

Vegetables have been used for thousands of years as food. They're packed with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and more.

And while they can be an essential part of your diet, they aren't always easy to get enough of in your daily meals. That's where vegetable supplements come into play.

These dietary supplements contain all the same benefits vegetables offer but in pill form. You take them before or after each meal instead of eating the vegetables themselves.

This way, you get all the nutrition without having to eat the whole thing.

The problem is that not all vegetable supplements are created equal. Some of them are complete scams. Others are full of fillers and additives that make them useless.

So what makes one better than another?

Well, let's start with the basics.

What Is A Vegetable Supplement?

A vegetable supplement is a vitamin-packed pill containing at least 10% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of specific essential vitamins and minerals.

You might think that sounds pretty good. After all, who wouldn't want to skip the hassle of cooking their own veggies?

But here's the catch:

Most vegetable supplements contain artificial ingredients. These ingredients are added to make the pills look and feel more appealing.

They also add bulk, so the pills don't break down too quickly. This means that when you swallow a capsule, you won't notice its contents right away.

Instead, you'll feel bloated and tired until your body digests the pill.

It's no wonder most people end up feeling worse after taking a vegetable supplement.

That's because they're missing the benefit of the real deal.

How To Identify The Best Veggie Supplements

Now that you know what a vegetable supplement is, you need to figure out which ones are worth buying.

Luckily, there are a few things you can look for to determine if a product is legit.

1. Look For Ingredients

greens powders ingredient label

If you see a list of ingredients on the label, check to see if they sound familiar.

If you see words like “wheat,” “corn,” “rice,” “soy,” or “beef” listed among the ingredients, then you probably shouldn't buy the product.

These foods are often added to vegetable supplements to give them a thicker texture.

2. Check Out Labels

Vegan Friendly Labels

Look at the labels on the back of the bottle. If it says “vegetarian-friendly,” then you know the company has made an effort to avoid using animal products.

3. Ask Questions

Ask Questions

Don't just assume that a product works based on its packaging alone. Instead, ask questions about the product.

For example, does the manufacturer provide any information about the product?

Does it say whether or not it contains GMOs (genetically modified organisms)?

Does it mention any side effects?

4. Buy From Reputable Companies

Buy from The Trusted Brands

When shopping for a vegetable supplement, choose companies that sell high-quality products.

Reputable companies will use natural ingredients and avoid adding unnecessary fillers.

5. Avoid Products That Are Too Thick

Very Thick Greens Pills

Some vegetable supplements have a very thick consistency. They may even be hard to chew.

This is usually done to prevent the pills from breaking down too fast. But this isn't necessary.

In fact, some of the best vegetable supplements are thin enough to dissolve quickly.

6. Choose A Product With A Good Price/Quality Ratio

Price vs Value

Vegetable powders or veggie supplements aren't cheap. So, it would be best if you always tried to get the best value for your money.

To do this, compare prices between different brands. You can also consider looking for deals.

If you want to pick the best ones, you may want to check out our top picks here.

So, Do Vegetable Pills Work?

The answer depends on how well the product fits your needs.

As mentioned earlier, many veggie pills or vegetable powder supplements contain artificial ingredients that aren't found in nature. And since these ingredients are added to make the pills look better, they can actually cause harm.

Plus, they can interfere with the absorption of other nutrients.

So, when you buy vegetable supplements, make sure that you only purchase those that are 100% natural.

Are Vegetable Pills Good for You?

As long as they are made from 100% natural ingredients, vegetable supplements are better than eating real food.

While you should definitely try to eat plenty of fruits and veggies, there's no denying that they're not always convenient.

Plus, sometimes you just don't feel like cooking.

But that doesn't mean you have to settle for junk food.

In fact, you can actually do better by taking a completely natural vegetable supplement.

Here's why:

1. They're Easier to Digest 

Eating raw vegetables is hard work. It takes time and energy to chew and swallow them.

And even then, some of them aren't very tasty.

On top of that, many of them are high in dietary fiber. That means they'll take longer to pass through your digestive system.

So eating real food isn't always an option.

2. They're Packed With Nutrients

Most veggie supplements contain at least 10% of their RDA.

This means that each serving provides you with at least 100% of what your body needs.

3. They're Safe

Some greens powders or pills are made with natural ingredients.

These proprietary blends of ingredients are tested before being put into pill form.

4. They're Effective

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that veggie supplements were as effective as multivitamins.

5. They're Convenient

If you're busy, you can simply pop a pill instead of making a salad.

Bottom Line

You shouldn't rely on these greens powders or supplements alone.

However, if you find yourself struggling to meet your daily nutrient requirements, they might help.

Just keep in mind that they won't replace a healthy balanced diet.

Also, remember that most greens powders and veggie pills contain artificial ingredients.

That means they could potentially cause harm.

So, when choosing a vegetable supplement, make sure it's 100% natural.

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