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One of the most popular uses of HCG outside of natural production during pregnancy is to aid in weight loss. People all over the world have been running into the great benefits that HCG injections and diet can give them when trying to lose weight and it has been proven to work.

With the hCG diet injections, most people lose an average of 0.5 to 1 pound a day, which in the weight loss world is a very decent amount. So, for those who have struggled with weight loss for years and have tried different diet plans, the hCG shots might be the miracle cure for weight management issues.

The HCG Shots and How Do HCG Injections Work?

The use of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) were discovered to be effective for weight loss after Dr Albert T. W. Simeons (1900 – 1970) conducted clinical trials on pregnant women in various parts of the world as well as overweight people. 

He found that a small dosage of hormone HCG actually reduced the amount of weight gained.

His findings have been published in his book Pounds and Inches which gives details about the popular Low-Calorie diet that when used in conjunction with HCG injections can help fat loss and becomes one efficient approach to obesity.

The key to the success of these injections is that you’re able to eat at a caloric deficit while still feeling full because of the HCG shots.

Even though you’re actually eating less food than usual, the HCG helps to metabolize the stored up and otherwise useless fat in your body to make up for the loss. This burns fat while still allowing you to maintain muscle.

Don’t think that just because human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is naturally produced during pregnancy that it only benefits women, HCG has been used to treat men for decades.

You should also be aware that HCG is not a steroid. Steroids are an unnatural substance that is not produced by your body. HCG, on the other hand, is 100% natural, so you’re not introducing any type of foreign chemicals into your body’s system.

Afraid of Using the Injections? There is Good News!

Let's face it, most of us have a love or hate relationship with injections, with the latter outweighing the former by 99%.  There is no way around it!

The most effective way for our bodies to take the recommended amount of HCG is through injections. This is sometimes met with apprehension, and understandably so.

Most injections can be somewhat painful or at the very least discomforting.

Fear not, there is good news for even the most anti-needle dieter out there.

First, we have to forget about the traditional needles.  Most HCG shots nowadays are small, and as close to painless as it gets.  

The companies usually supply their patients with small insulin syringes.

Small syringeThese tiny syringes will give you the opportunity to provide your body with the recommended amount of HCG needed to comply with the protocol.

As someone who has used these injections for an entire 43-day program, I can honestly say that after the first time, administering these injections will become second nature.

Still Not Thrilled to Purchase HCG Injections?

If you're still not comfortable with the thought of injections, there are also hCG drops, which contains a higher dosage of HCG or natural ingredient combinations in order to make sure that enough HCG makes it to your body after going through your digestive system.

Where to Buy HCG Injections Online Safely

You might find hCG injection providers easily on the internet, but mind you, almost none of them equipped you with clear guidance. The injection protocol should strictly be followed if you intend to reach your goal. As of this reason, there is no other way than to present the assistance from licensed doctors who have professionally dealt with the hCG treatment.

The only providers which are qualified to provide you with this purpose are HCGRX and MyDietDoc.

Our top choice, Nu Image Medical, is a legal and licensed HCG injections provider which has served many people to overcome weight loss issues since 2004. If you care about the regulation from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), Nu Image Medical has been available for more than a decade now, so their credibility is no longer questionable.

To learn more about this provider, and how to buy hCG injections online from them, please read this guide.

Two Types of HCG hormone Available on the Market

What you may not be aware of when you buy HCG is that there are two major types available on the market today; Pharmaceutical HCG and Homeopathic HCG.

Homeopathic HCG may not always contain the actual HCG as the manufactures dilute the hormone and add fillers that are formulated to mimic the potency of hCG.

Pharmaceutical HCG is much more potent and effective because it actually contains 100% HCG and is actually what Dr Simeons used during his research. Credible doctors in the U.S. can prescribe you with medical HCG in the office, and it is perfectly legal.

One concern some people have when deciding whether or not an HCG injection is for them is the effects it will have on their energy levels. People who use the HCG hormone regularly report that they haven’t had a noticeable decrease in energy even with the low calorie restriction.

Can I Do Exercise While on the HCG Diet?

Working out is prohibited on the HCG diet. When you’re trying to lose weight, it probably feels natural to hop on the treadmill and run off the pounds. But keep in mind that the HCG hormone in your injections, oral drops, or pellets will be burning off your fat stores, so your focus should be on keeping caloric intake in check.

It is sometimes mistaken as a marketing ploy by HCG diet products trying to lure people looking for where to order HCG products.  This is an easy assumption to make, being that we've been programmed to believe that an exercise program is the most important piece of any successful rapid weight loss program.

Although an exercise is essential in the long term, we recommend against it while on the HCG diet. The reason behind this no exercise rule actually dates back to the original HCG diet protocol.

The real reason behind then exercise rule is that since the HCG diet requires a caloric intake of 500.  When consuming such a low amount of calories a day, it isn't recommended to partake in activities such as exercise.

The only recommended form of exercise during the HCG diet program is a daily 30-minute walk.  This 30-minute walk will help you burn more fat while not overworking your body while on the HCG diet.

So, keep all of these facts in mind when you begin your HCG injections!

The Phases and Protocols You Need to Follow

Almost every product and program has rules, restrictions, and instructions. When you buy clothes, you’ll find there are washing instructions. When you purchase a PC or phone applications, there will be instructions to follow in order to make them work properly. And this also applies to the HCG diet.

You might have read about these before, but many people are disappointed with the results just because it turns out that they don’t follow these protocols correctly.

So, the following are 3 essential phases and protocols you need to follow along with the shots:

1. Phase 1 (Loading Stage)

One of the most crucial stages of the HCG Diet plan is the Very Low Calorie diet that consists of 500 calories per day. However, what some people don’t realize is that in Phase 1 of the diet plan, you actually have to overload your caloric intake for the first two days.

Even if you have completed the HCG diet before, you still must go through this phase if you’re starting a new cycle. You will take a high-calorie diet in conjunction with your HCG.

When the diet starts, the HCG will block any new incoming fat cells from being kept in the body and at the same time, stimulate your hypothalamus to instruct the body to use the already available stored fat.

Due to this reason, Phase 1 will determine your success. Once you begin taking the HCG injections or drops, you cannot stop until you have completed the full cycle.

2. Phase 2 (VLCD Stage)

This is the most intensive phase of the HCG diet plan. Those who have been successful with the program, lose up to 2 pounds a day within the first week of this phase.

When people mention HCG diet protocol, they commonly talk about just Phase 2.  That’s right; you will start the Very Low-Calorie diet (VLCD) of 500 calories per day exactly at this phase.

There are quite several modifications of this diet, but the best method that has proven to work continuously is the original plan developed by Dr Simeons. This phase typically lasts a minimum of 23 days up to 46 days. During the diet, it is crucial that you are supplementing your body with HCG as instructed.

The HCG hormone is the one that commands the body (hypothalamus) to utilize the available stored fat to cover up the lost calories during the diet. The hormone and the diet (protocol) work together and possess dependency on each other.

This explanation is the reason why people are failing to lose the maximum weight after taking hCG, without realizing that they neglect to implement the protocols consistently.

3. Phase 3 (Maintenance Stage)

Next, you’ll be entering a Phase 3, or commonly known as the maintenance stage.

The Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) ends, and you can now start slowing increasing your caloric intake up to 1200-1500 a day, but there are still some restrictions such as the decreased fat intake.

You stop the HCG intake and begin to calibrate your digestive system by taking healthy foods regularly. What's also more surprising is that your body will end up losing weight at this phase without even taking hCG.

Most people go through multiple cycles of the HCG diet plan. It is important to remember that you need to give yourself a rest period of 6 weeks (3-week maintenance + 3-week rest) between cycles and consult our office before you begin a new regimen.

Final Word

It’s not a surprise when you walk to a clinic and meet your doctor, just to find out your doctor says that the hCG diet doesn’t work. The reason is that it has never been a canonical program to any formal institution, aside from the side effects and their pros and cons. It’s your doctor’s dedication to protecting you from anything that hasn’t been personally tested by him or her yet.

But when you come to the official hCG clinic such as Nu Image Medical, you’ll find there are plenty of experienced doctors who have been dealing with such a program and diet plan for years as a treatment of obesity.

With no intention to offend any profession, it would be similar to mechanics. There are people who specialize in electricity, machining, chemical engineering, or others.

With that being said, the safest procedure to follow is to contact or to come to the right place. HCG injections have been demonstrating substantial evidence to help hundreds or even thousands of people with weight loss. If not, there wouldn’t be any hype which has lasted for more than at least 10 years. So, there’s no reason why you shouldn't try to find it out.

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