ATX-101 yet to receive FDA’s Final Approval

ATX-101 yet to receive FDA’s Final Approval

The Food and Drug Administration advisory committee this week recommended the approval of a new injectable drug. The drug, known as ATX-101, has been specifically designed to eliminate double chins without surgery.

The drug ATX-101 now only needs to receive the final approval from the FDA before selling it in the U. S. market. The drug is a formulation of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule that helps body to break down the fat received from food.

According to Dr. Susan Weinkle, a dermatologist who has been working with ATX-101 since 2007, ATX-101 will be very different from currently available double chin surgeries, which require doctors to cut the extra portion.

Dr. Weinkle said many people have fat underneath the chin, even if they do not have any accumulated fat in rest of their body.

The procedure of giving the drug includes marking the area where maximum amount of fat is accumulated. Those areas are marked with a grid of tiny dots, which acts as the injection sites for the ATX-101.

Dr. Weinkle said that the procedure of injecting the drug would take only about five minutes and patients heal in two or three days.

Dr. Derek Jones, who presented ATX-101 to the FDA, said the drug helps to destroy the membrane of the fat cells that get accumulated beneath the double chin. This further causes the fat cells to burst.

Remains of the cells are naturally absorbed back into the body, and the cells get destroyed permanently, said Dr. Jones.

Like other drugs ATX-101 also has some side effects which include short-lasting swelling, bruising and numbness that were found to be mild to moderate.

Dr. Michael Edwards, president of the Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, said he worries that after the drug ATX-101 is approved, people will use the drug to try and fix larger areas of fat as well.