The 5 Best Testosterone Boosters – Natural Test Pills & Supplements

Testosterone hormone controls sexual desire in men and also women (although they produce less testosterone so its too a lesser degree). It is also what makes muscles grow, keeps them strong and develops muscle tissue. Sexual performance also depends on it.

A bodybuilders’ shape and muscle mass relies on testosterone, they need to have high testosterone levels. Unfortunately some start using illegal testosterone boosters which is very dangerous and any benefits you get from this, will not be worth all the risks.

5 Natural Testosterone Boosters to Increase Testosterone Levels

Luckily, there are also natural alternatives and methods that will boost your testosterone and are just as effective but without any side effects and health problems.

1. Choose Foods With Vitamin B

Taking Vitamin B is a great way to help boost your testosterone levels. Many testosterone boosting supplements contain Vitamin B12, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B6.

The best way to get Vitamin B is still by eating the right foods. Some of the foods with high Vitamin B levels include Eggs, Fish, Avocado and Wheat Germ. If you eat  these regularly, it will help your body to start producing plenty of testosterone.

2. Increase The Level Of Zinc

Zinc is a crucial mineral that men need for healthy sperm and plenty of testosterone. When your diet doesn’t have enough zinc in it, your testosterone levels will decrease. If you’re a bodybuilder, it will make the whole process very long and gradual.

To give a boost to the testosterone level in your blood, consume foods rich in zinc, like shellfish, prawns and Veal liver. Toasted Wheat germ, a great source of zinc, has 17mg of zinc in a 100mg serving.

Oyster extract has more zinc than the finest lean beef steak

3. Keep Up Your Regular Weight Training

You cannot boost your testosterone levels by diet alone. Yes its a crucial part of a body builders daily routine but to maximise testosterone levels, you need to follow the right weight training programs and do it regularly – cardio vascular exercises are also crucial to reduce body fat and enhance general fitness

By reducing body fat, you will have less estrogen and in return will make more testosterone, which the body produces because it needs additional strength and muscle mass to make up for the loss of estrogen. Long distance running, weight lifting and resistance training can increase the production of testosterone in your body.

4. No More Junk Food

It’s true that sugary, over processed, fatty food will make it so much harder for you to build your muscle and they also decrease sex drive.

Avoiding eating too much of these types of food as they will slow your body’s production of testosterone.

Buy following a high protein diet and following the right exercise program, you will achieve good results, by adding a natural testosterone boosting supplement into the mix, your results will be increased even further.

5. Use A Good Testosterone Booster

If you take a quality testosterone supplement, your body will start producing more natural testosterone. These natural supplements have proven herbal as well as botanical ingredients that give your body much needed nutrients for producing testosterone in a safe way without the risks of taking illegal steroids and other banned substances.