Tobacco Hornworm Moth Genome Sequenced by Researchers

Years of collaborative study at various research facilities across the world has resulted in successful genome sequencing of tobacco hornworm (glutton caterpillar). Researchers...
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Turmeric Spice

This Miracle Spice Is Often More Effective Than Prescription Drugs

Herbs and spices are miraculous when used properly. In this case, we are referring to a miracle cure for cancer. However,...
3 min read
Insuline-Like Growth Factor 1

5 Best IGF 1 Supplements for Weight Loss and Bodybuilding

Have you been told using IGF 1 supplements can help you get a great physique, stay healthy, and look youthful, but...
Rob Brodie
10 min read
Natural Home Remedies to Fight Off Infection

How to Fight Infection Naturally – 3 Home Remedies Supported By Science

Viral infections like colds and flu are the #1 reason people buy over-the-counter medications each year. Controlling the body aches, coughs,...
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Fitbit Charge HR Fitness Tracker – Pros and Cons

I’m not a detailed person. I’m a doer, not a planner, so I typically forgo food journals, to-do lists, etc. I...
Gary Laird
3 min read

Natural Fibromyalgia Remedies Supported By Science

It’s not hard to understand why fibromyalgia patients are four times more likely to also suffer from depression. Not only are...
3 min read
Chlorella Superfood

Chlorella: One Superfood To Rule Them All

People love the idea of taking a multivitamin – pop a yummy gummy every morning, and you’re covered for the day. Bring...
3 min read
Asthma Remedies

Natural Asthma Remedies Supported By Science

Asthma is an inflammation of the lining of the lungs. When this happens, the airways become narrower and swollen. This makes...
3 min read
Depression and The Remedies

Common Causes of Depression And Their Natural Remedies

Discussing causes of depression can get pretty intense. Suggesting there might be natural remedies for depression can turn people downright hostile....
6 min read
How to Reverse the Effects of Stress

3 Proven Ways To Reverse The Effects Of Stress

The stress response, also known as “fight or flight,” is a natural, biological reaction to sudden threats. The ability to adapt...
2 min read
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