Leopard vs Jaguar

Leopard Vs JaguarThe spotted duo has always raised misconceptions due to their close similarities. It’s difficult for people to differentiate between a Jaguar and a leopard.

So, how can we differentiate a leopard from a Jaguar and vice versa?

Body structure

The body of a jaguar is thicker, sturdy, and more muscular than that of a leopard. The head of a leopard is broader with stronger jaws.

Fur Pattern

The bodies of both animals are generously covered with fur with black and golden as predominant colors. The fur has a rosette pattern with Jaguar specifically having spots inside its rosette.


Jaguars and leopards are good swimmers, but jaguars tend to love water even more, and they spend more time in the water than leopards. Jaguars are braver and more aggressive to predators than leopards. Onsight of larger and fiercer animals like lion, a leopard runs away in cowardice while a jaguar offers a brave opposition.

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