Unusual super storms spotted on Uranus

super-storms-spotted-UranusEight intense storms have been observed by astronomers, in a two day period, in the northern hemisphere of Uranus. The researchers have analyzed the images, taken by the Voyager-2 spacecraft, to understand the unknown features of the planet. An unusual rotation pattern on the planet has been observed for the first time.

Earlier, Uranus was thought to be a boring planet. But there might be some activities occurring on the planet.

It has been observed that the southern half of Uranus is rotating in a strange manner. The importance of condensation, updrafts, and many other things point to extreme storms or superstorms. Possibly, these storms occur quite regularly on the planet.

The scientists have been working over the last few centuries, to identify the rotational patterns of different planets like Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune. About 75% of the rotational patterns have been identified until now, but many are yet to be pinned down.

“Such kind of activity could have been expected in 2007, when Uranus’s once every 42-year equinox happened and also the Sun shined on the equator. However, we anticipated that this kind of activity might have died down right now”, Heidi Hammel, co-investigator of the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy.

It is observed that the strange rotational pattern in Uranus is due to the activities happening in the inner parts of the planet.

On Wednesday, the study was presented in the American Astronomical Society’s Division for Planetary Sciences in Tucson, Arizona. According to Imke de Pater, the lead author of the research and UC Berkeley astronomer, although the evidence of the activity within the atmosphere of the planet is clear, there is no solid theory to support the activity.

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