Buzz Aldrin passes lie detector test about his alien claims

Aldrin BuzzAstronaut Buzz Aldrin has passed a lie detector test to check if he was telling the truth about aliens. Aldrin is the second man to land on the moon and the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology in Albany conducted lie detector tests to check the validity of claims regarding alien life. Three other astronauts underwent a lie detector test, and the results were positive.

Accomplished American astronaut Aldrin, 88, has many times claimed that he witnessed a UFO during his mission to the moon. The lie detector tests were conducted using the latest technology. After the results of lie detector tests on four astronauts, experts stated that event proves they were “fully assured” symbols of alien presence they alleged to have testified during historic missions were real.

Conspiracy theorists and UFO-hunters have always claimed that astronauts know about the existence of alien life. However, the majority of astronauts have remained silent about any signs of alien existence. And, anyone who has talked about the presence of aliens has been seen with doubt by the scientific community.

While NASA and other space agencies are trying to find signals and signs of alien life, we still don’t have any concrete evidence of the existence of aliens. Many astronauts have said that with the development of space technology and more exploration missions, we could have better proof of the existence of alien life.

Aldrin has continually affirmed he detected a UFO on the way to the moon, saying: “There was something out there that was near enough to be recognized, sort of L-shaped.”

Apollo 14’s Edgar Mitchell claimed to have seen several UFOs, while Gordon Cooper actually pictured attempting to track a cluster of objects. The examinations exposed both men concluded they were speaking the complete probity.

We should not forget that we are in a small tiny part of the solar system, which exists in the Milky Way Galaxy. There are billions of galaxies and billions of planets. It is quite possible that life exists in other parts of the Universe, and we still need better space technology to detect any signs of alien life.

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