Skyglow project showcases New York City Night Sky without Light Pollution

New York CityLight pollution is becoming a big issue in major cities across the world and Skyglow project team aims to bring focus on light pollution. Skyglow project shared an image of New York City night sky without light pollution. Too much light from artificial sources in majority of big cities blocks out the visibility of many stars. Skyglow project shared a video to promote upcoming awareness event, Dark Sky Week.

The International Dark Sky Association is organizing Dark Sky Week from April 15 to 21. The organization was setup in 1988 to protect the nighttime environment and our heritage of dark skies through quality outdoor lighting.

The group urges people to turn off unnecessary lights during night time in order to reduce light pollution. The members of association believe that raising awareness among people by sharing images of real night sky (with artificial lights) would help motivate people to turn off lights during night. Earlier, International Dark Sky Association shared a similar video showing Los Angeles night sky.

The video was created by Harun Mehmedinovic and Gavin Heffernan. The time-lapse video shared by Skyglow project combines New York City’s sights with the dark night skies of the Grand Canyon and Death Valley national parks.

The video doesn’t feature ‘real footage’ but appears realistic. The team has amazingly combined the nighttime stars as seen in the Grand Canyon, Death Valley with images from popular New York City locations.

The video shared on video-sharing website Vimeo follows…

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