FCC Approves $170 Million for New York Broadband Expansion

ajit-paiThe FCC has approved $170 million grant for broadband rollout in New York State. As the digital economy is vital in the current times, high speed broadband has become a necessity, and Local leaders from New York have appreciated federal funding for broadband.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai approved $170 million in Federal funding for New York state broadband under Connect America program. The funds will be spent on widening access for underserved and rural areas in New York state.

The $170 million FCC funding will come in addition to $200 New York plans to spend via state funds and private investments. Under Connect America, broadband and internet service providers receive subsidies for rolling out their services in regions that they would otherwise consider unviable on economic grounds.

After the FCC announcement, Governor Andrew Cuomo and U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, both Democrats and Republican U.S. Rep. Chris Collins announced that their effort had been successful. Governor Cuomo had announced a $500 million broadband deployment plan last year. Governor Cuomo said, “This is New York funding that truly belongs in New York, and with this activity, we are proceeding to be able to develop upon this administration’s unprecedented half-a-billion-dollar investment to construct broadband accessible in each area of this state.”

The digital divide has been a major issue for many people from New York. With faster broadband access, many regions in the state will benefit.

“This is a tremendous story for rural populations all across upstate New York,” told Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer.

After Verizon didn’t accept money allocated under the Connect America program, New York was at a loss for the federal funding. The recent decision by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will surely help many households in upstate New York.

A report published by USA Today informed, “The additional funding is required to obtain a notable dent in the 229,000 homes upstate that need sufficient service. Almost 78,000 households upstate were earlier qualified to accept the funds, though it wasn’t promptly transparent on Thursday how many are eligible now.”

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