LED Lighting Comes Under Questioning after AMA Warning

LED-lightingLED Lighting has become popular in recent years due to its high intensity and lower power consumption. However, a new warning by the American Medical Association has indicated that LED Lighting could be responsible for disturbing sleep rhythms. The AMA warning came in June regarding LED streetlights that emit unseen blue light.

The AMA report also indicated that light-emitting-diodes could impair driving vision during nighttime. The LED Lighting is nearly 50 percent more efficient than high-pressure sodium lights. Many cities have already replaced their lighting with LEDs, and many others have plans to do so in the near future. LED lights are also long last compared to other lighting solutions.

As per last year’s report by Department of Energy, LED lights now cover up to 13 percent of the road or another region lighting in the United States. AMA report has added that authorities should consider moderate intensity lighting instead of high-intensity LED lights.

Similar reports about the impact of LED Lighting on sleep rhythms have come in the past as well. However, some cities do not agree with the reports mentioning the implications for health from LED lights.

The federal government has encouraged cities and municipal authorities to replace their existing lighting with LED lights over the past few years, mainly due to their higher intensity and low power consumption.

Lighting is measured by color temperature, usually expressed in Kelvin. The first generation LED streetlights had temperatures of at least 4000K. Most of the high intensity LED lights to offer sharp illumination in the region they cover. Many automobile lighting companies have also replaced their existing lighting with LEDs.

Currently, low-intensity LEDs are also available in the market. They don’t emit as a high amount of blue light, considered harmful for sleep rhythms. They produce a softer, amber hue. Health experts suggest the usage of low or moderate intensity LED lights.

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