Newly discovered ‘stunningly beautiful jellyfish’ belongs to genus Crossota

jellyfishThere is so much about the deep ocean, which is not known to us, and every research project brings surprising facts about live thriving in the deep regions of the oceans. The way ships are sent into space to find out what’s up there, and the same way vessels dive into the depths of the Oceans to discover what lies below.

There is a bizarre-looking jellyfish, which was found previous week during a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) expedition into one of the world’s deepest ocean areas, as per the agency.

The remotely operated vehicle (ROV) of the expedition recorded video of the hydromedusa, a kind of small jellyfish, around 3,700 meters underneath the ocean surface. According to researchers, it belongs to the genus Crossota, which presently has five species.

The video shows that the mesmerizing creature possesses a long and short set of tentacles, and the long tentacles extended out evenly as its bell pulsates. They observed that the behavior has indicated that the jellyfish is in a trap predator mode.

Inside the bell, there are red radial canals that are linked to bright yellow points, which, as per the researchers, are the reproductive glands of the jellyfish.

The discovery of the jellyfish has been made in the fourth dive of the roughly four-month expedition in the Mariana Trench and its surrounding regions, present in the Pacific to the Philippines’ east. According to NOAA, the focus of the dive four was on what has been named as the Enigma Seamount. The researches have given it an informal name as they don’t know much about it.

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