Massive Outer Solar System Perturber could be existing in Kuiper Belt: Study

massive-perturbe-hidden-beyond-PlutoTill date, astronomers have detected around 1,500 icy bodies in the Kuiper Belt. Many astronomers think that there might be a massive outer solar system perturber present out there in the dark. A research paper has reported the discovery of what appears to be a dwarf planet dubbed 2012 VP113 and has been nicknamed Biden.

The planet is around three times far away from the sun than is Pluto. Astronomers have noticed that there is a number of large, very remote objects that share a similar orbital angle. As per astronomers, the main orbital feature is known as ‘argument of perihelion’.

Scott Sheppard, an astronomer with the Carnegie Institution of Washington, said, “The thought of perihelion is the point at which an object comes to perihelion concerning the ecliptic plane.”

Scott has also explained the concept of the ‘disturber’. He said that a giant object or great disturber would disturb anything that approaches it. Therefore, the objects that maintain a distance from the great disturber will be considered as the most stable objects.

Researchers have even discussed the presence of a big planet, known as Planet X. One cannot see it directly, as it very far away and faint in appearance. It could be at least 200 Astronomical Units from the sun. Experts think that the solar system has not been completely explored.

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