Aerosol Responsible For Producing Earthly Aroma at Beginning of Rain: Study


Researchers through new research, revealed that earthly aroma which is released at the beginning of the rain is due to the release of aerosol clouds that are carried by the winds.

The new study published this week in the journal Nature Communications stated that when raindrops land on certain porous surfaces, they capture tiny air bubbles containing small particles. These aerosols are most likely responsible for carrying the aromatic elements along with bacteria and viruses stored in the soil.

Aerosols are tiny liquid droplets or solid particles which are suspended in a gas. Researchers said these are the particles that produce the smell of rain, called ‘petrichor’.

According to the researchers associated with the study, scientists earlier have never reported the generation of airborne aerosols from raindrops hitting the soil.

The study also showed that not all surfaces and not all rainfall intensities are conducive to generating aerosols. Researchers said that heavy rains do not produce an aerosol, and neither does the rain falling on sand.

Youngsoo Joung, a co-author of the study, said, “This verdict should be a solid recommendation for coming work, illuminating microorganisms, and substances existing inside the soil and other natural materials, and how they can be delivered in the environment, and likely to humans.”

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