SpaceX launches first Bulgarian Satellite Bulgariasat-1

SpaceX launches first Bulgarian Satellite  Bulgariasat-1

SpaceX has successfully launched the first Bulgarian satellite using SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The launch was earlier delayed due to small glitch and the mission from Florida’s east coast on Friday has successfully placed Bulgaria-owned television broadcasting satellite. Bulgariasat-1 is the first geostationary communications satellite launched for Bulgaria.


European Commission takes Belgium and Bulgaria to Task over Higher Pollution Levels

With the air quality law back in force, Belgium and Bulgaria have landed in the dock, over the uncontrolled emission of harmful substances, which can prove lethal if inhaled.

The European Commission on Thursday held that Bulgaria had terribly failed to live up to the legal limits on levels for PM10, or particulate matter, which was produced by traffic and industry. These tiny particles, if inhaled, could enter the lungs and bloodstream and lead to respiratory diseases and some forms of cancer as well.

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