Metamaterials Can be Used to Perform Analog Computing

Metamaterials Can be Used to Perform Analog Computing

A research has been carried out by a group of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania. Generally, meta-materials, which often makes an object visible, have been found to be having another use and that to a significant one.

The study researchers have found that these meta-materials can be used in order to do advanced mathematical calculations done by computer. It shall however, be noted that for now they have not come up with a device that works with the help of the same.

Lead researcher Nader Engheta explained the working of meta-materials that make things invisible. They change the properties of light waves and through this phenomenon an object gets visible.

"As [a light wave] goes through a block of meta-material, by the time it comes out, it should have a shape that would be the result of mathematical operations", affirmed Nader.

Nader shared that when simulations of light waves are passed through meta-materials then mathematical operations can be done like taking out derivations and doing other sort of calculations.

The study researchers were of the view that method can be termed as analog computing and it is different from digital computing. In analog computing, information does not require to be translated into individual bits, which is required in digital computers.