The First of its Kind of Matter

The First of its Kind of Matter

The conventional wisdom about light is being challenged by scientists from Harvard and MIT. And it is suggested that they don't even need to visit a far away galaxy.

The research is being led by Harvard Professor of Physics Mikhail Lukin and MIT Professor of Physics Vladan Vuletic. Along with their colleagues, they were successful in coaxing photons by binding them together to obtained molecules.

A molecule is a state of matter that remained a theory until now. As per the researcher, the findings have been on a contrary note for decades. The contradiction is about the accepted wisdom about the nature of light. Photons have been defined as a mass less particle that doesn't have interactions with each other.

He stated that they simply pass through each other. Photon molecules behave less like the usual lasers. He said that most of the properties of light that are known to human originate from the features of photons that they are mass-less and are least interactive with each other.

He further concluded that they have generated a special type of medium in which the interaction between photon is so strong that they initiate to act in a way as if they contain mass.

The research got honored and hence published in the paper called the Nature.