Alyssa Carson could be First Human on Mars

Alyssa Carson could be First Human on Mars

At the age of 13, Alyssa Carson is determined to be the first person to visit the Red Planet. It is her dream to be on Mars, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is taking her dream seriously. According to NASA, Alyssa has a chance to be a part of a Mars mission. The girl from Louisiana could be what NASA is looking for, as she has attended all three space camps of the space agency.

Alyssa has spent nine years of her life in training to become an astronaut in the hope to be the first person to blast her way off to Mars.

In a short film, Alyssa said that it's her dream to visit the Red Planet because no human has ever visited the planet till now. To become an astronaut and go into space top her wish list, she said.

According to Alyssa, she can speak French, Chinese and Spanish. On her twitter account, she tweets about her visits to NASA events and space camps. Alyssa said that she loves to inspire other children to achieve their goals.

For Alyssa, failure is not an option. She said that she doesn't want any obstacle in the way to stop her from going to Mars.

Paul Foreman from NASA said, "She is of the perfect age to one day become an astronaut and eventually travel to Mars. She is doing the right thing; she is doing the right training, taking all the right steps to actually become an astronaut".

Alyssa's father Bret said that he has discussed the Mars mission with his daughter and told her that if she goes to the planet, she may not return back to earth. He also said that Alyssa is determined to go to Mars.