Abortion-Rights Advocates Urge North Carolina Health Officials to concentrate on Science

Abortion-Rights Advocates Urge North Carolina Health Officials to concentrate on Science

On Friday, North Carolina health officials have been suggested by abortion-rights advocates to pay attention on science than politics as the rules for abortion clinics were updated.

For public comment, the updates have been given, including Friday's meeting in Raleigh. Nearly 60 people have been collected into a Department of Health and Human Services. Several of the people were wearing shirts that promote abortion rights.

About 15 people spoke, including many doctors who stressed the significance of access to abortion services. Stricter regulations were only favored by some speakers. Public comments will be considered by the department until the end of January before handing the rules off to the state Rules Review Commission, and the Legislature possibly study them again. The changes were set in motion by a law that was signed the previous year.

Abortion-rights advocates at the time of meeting also questioned lawmakers' motivation for beginning the process and why there is need of more regulations. Normally, the speakers commended the Department of Health and Human Services for thinking about science and talking with doctors at the time of the process.

"There is no question that the law that forced these regulations to be created was enacted by legislators with a single goal: to prevent women from accessing safe and legal abortion care in North Carolina", said Suzanne Buckley, executive director for NARAL Pro Choice North Carolina Foundation.

According to Suzanne Buckley, the department also discussed with experts in the field of reproductive health care at the time of making these regulations to make sure that they comport with the applicable medical standards.

Clinics should try to have a contract with a hospital that would accept patients who need treatment at the time of emergency.