Missing Doctor wasn’t snubbed over promotion: CDC

Missing Doctor wasn’t snubbed over promotion: CDC

CDC doctor Timothy Cunningham mysteriously disappeared on February 12 and Atlanta police department has been trying hard to find more information about him. The police had earlier said that they haven’t found any evidence of foul play. Cunningham was reported missing by his parents on February 16. On Monday, the acting director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention informed that Cunningham wasn’t passed over for promotion at CDC.

Timothy Cunningham, 35-year-old epidemiologist at CDC was promoted to commander in July. While CDC denies that he was due for promotion, Atlanta police tells a different story.

During a news conference last month, Atlanta Police Maj. Michael O'Connor said that Mr. Cunningham met with his supervisor on February 12 to discuss why he wasn’t promoted, before he went missing. After CDC statement on Monday, Police Maj. Michael O'Connor added that Atlanta Police Department is firm on earlier statement given regarding Mr. Cunningham.

In a statement, CDC Director Dr. Anne Schuchat said, "If Tim reads this message, we hope you come home soon. If anyone reading this has information about the whereabouts of Commander Cunningham, please come forward."

Last week, the reward for information in this case has been increased to $15,000.