SpaceX and United Launch Alliance leading in space launch cost reduction

SpaceX and United Launch Alliance leading in space launch cost reduction

SpaceX has reduced the cost of space missions and launch events by successfully developing its reusable rocket technology. SpaceX rival United Launch Alliance is aiming at reducing rocket launch costs of its missions even further with use of reusable rocket. As ULA Delta IV Heavy is not reusable, each mission costs $350 million. Boeing and Lockheed Martin joined forces in 2005 to setup ULA. The company is working on Vulcan, a reusable rocket that could beat SpaceX Falcon heavy in terms of cost of space missions.

During a conversation with Business Insider, ULA CEO Tory Bruno said, “ULA aims to start Vulcan missions by mid-2020. The mission cost could be sub-$100-million, a major reduction from ULA’s current cost of $350 million per launch.”The importance of reducing cost can't be over emphasized as these are not mere vacations where you could easily obtain holiday loans or vacation loans but projects that require huge capital.

Informing about its Vulcan development process, an official communication from ULA added, “Our on-going efforts to reduce cost and increase capability while maintaining the best value for our customers naturally leads ULA down the path to a next generation launch system. Newly introduced competition in national security space launch coupled with ULA’s desire to expand market share beyond EELV provides the impetus to evolve our launcher fleet.”

SpaceX has carried out many successful missions with its Falcon Heavy rocket. The company is working on many interesting missions and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk keeps us informed about new projects of his space exploration company.

In terms of cost of space missions, Indian Space Agency ISRO has showcased an impressive record. However, the Indian Space Agency is still not working on some of the technologies SpaceX, ULA and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin.