Uterus Transplant Recipient delivers successfully in Texas

Uterus Transplant Recipient delivers successfully in Texas

A uterus transplant recipient has given birth to a healthy baby in Baylor, Texas. The baby is the first in the United States after a woman received uterus transplant. The woman was born without a uterus. Doctors at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas informed that the woman successfully gave birth to the first child in the United States as a result of uterus transplant. As per Time magazine report, one more woman who received uterus transplant, is pregnant.

Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas has not given any further information about the woman, citing her privacy. The hospital enrolled 10 women for highly complicated uterus transplant.

In October 2016, Baylor University Medical Center informed that four women received uterus transplants but three of them faced poor blood flow and the transplant was considered unsuccessful in those cases.

After successful uterus transplant, doctors continue monitoring the patient for almost a year to check if the womb is working fine and blood flow is perfect. After a year of successful transplant, embryos can be implanted.

So far, 16 uterus transplants have been performed worldwide. After successful womb transplant, the woman must take powerful drugs to prevent organ rejection, and the drugs pose long-term health risks, so the uterus would be removed after one or two successful pregnancies.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine issued a statement Friday calling the Dallas birth "another important milestone in the history of reproductive medicine."