Supersized Chocolate Bars Banned in UK Hospitals

Supersized Chocolate Bars Banned in UK Hospitals

NHS CEO has asked hospitals shops to not stock chocolate bars or other confectionary items offering more than 250 calories. The order also puts ban on drinks having more than 5 grams of sugar per 100 ml.

Rising obesity level has prompted medical experts. NHS currently employs 1.3 million people across the United Kingdom. Latest estimates suggest that 700,000 NHS workers are overweight or obese. NHS offers services to nearly one million patients everyday.

Simon Stevens, the NHS chief executive said, “In place of calorie-laden, sugary snacks we want to make healthier food an easy option for hospital staff, patients and visitors.”

The decision taken by NHS will surely help hospital staff and it will also raise awareness among people regarding obesity epidemic. Rising obesity is putting additional burden on healthcare network. Many chronic diseases have been linked to overweight and keeping diet in control is an easy way to keep weight under check.

“The NHS is now stepping up action to combat the ‘supersized’ snack culture which is causing an epidemic of obesity, preventable diabetes, tooth decay, heart disease and cancer,” said Stevens.