Astronomers develop computer simulation showcasing orbit of Planet Nine

Astronomers develop computer simulation showcasing orbit of Planet Nine

Astronomers have developed a computer simulation that suggests the orbit of mysterious planet 9 in the solar system. The research team suggests that the elusive planet 9 could be in the very far regions of the solar system. A research paper published in January 2016 suggested existence of a massive planet beyond Neptune. Due to large orbit of the planet, it would not be easy for astronomers to spot it.

Pluto was earlier considered as Planet Nine but recent studies have demoted Pluto to ‘dwarf planet’. Astronomers have been trying to find planet 9 using telescopes and computer simulation models. The new research paper offers the most detailed prediction of Planet Nine’s orbit.

NASA has recently published a research paper claiming that existence of Planet 9 could explain some odd phenomena noticed in the solar system. The NASA release informed, “There are now five different lines of observational evidence pointing to the existence of Planet Nine. If you were to remove this explanation and imagine Planet Nine does not exist, then you generate more problems than you solve. All of a sudden, you have five different puzzles, and you must come up with five different theories to explain them.” The research paper published earlier this month even suggests that planet 9 could be 10 times the mass of Earth.

Talking about Planet Nine, Caltech professor of planetary science Konstantin Batygin said, “There have been new detections of distant Kuiper belt objects since the publication of our original paper. We now better understand how the expanded observational dataset shaped by the gravity of Planet Nine.”

"Over long periods of time, Planet Nine will make the entire solar-system plane precess or wobble, just like a top on a table," Batygin said.