Rising Obesity putting additional pressure on Healthcare system

Rising Obesity putting additional pressure on Healthcare system

The rising obesity level across the world, especially in developed economies, has put additional pressure on healthcare systems. A team of researchers in the U.K. and at the World Health Organization has conducted analysis of 2,400 studies involving 32 million children. The study was published online Tuesday in the journal Lancet.

Overweight and obesity lead to many chronic ailments. The additional pressure on healthcare system requires massive investment in improvement of public health system. The need for additional medication is also raising the healthcare bills.

Over the past four decades, the obesity rate among children has increased by 10 times. Compared to 5 million obese girls in 1975, the number has been estimated at 50 million in 2016. The number of obese buys has increased to 74 million in 2016 compared to 6 million in 1975.

The analysis also revealed high number of children suffering from malnutrition and underweight. In India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, nearly 20 percent of girls and 28 percent boys were underweight.

Health experts blame obesity epidemic on reduced physical activity, increased sugar and salt intake and change in eating habits. People have shifted to packed food items and reduction of fresh fruits and vegetables from regular diet has led to increased consumption of foods that are increasing body weight of individuals. Regular physical activity and a check on diet is required to keep a healthy weight and youngsters should be extra careful about their body weight.