Researchers develop camera capable of seeing through human body

Researchers develop camera capable of seeing through human body

A team of experts from Proteus EPSRC interdisciplinary research collaboration claimed to have developed a prototype camera capable of seeing through the human body. The camera that can see through the human body using light has been designed to help physicians track medical tools called endoscopes, which are commonly used to examine patients’ internal conditions.

Previously, it was not possible for doctors to track where an endoscope is located in the patient’s body. Sometimes they need to know such tools’ location to guide it to the right place.

Early tests of the innovative camera have showed that it is capable of tracking the location of a point light source through twenty centimeters of tissue under ordinary light conditions.

Dr. Kev Dhaliwal, a professor from the University of Edinburgh, said: “This is an enabling technology that allows us to see through the human body. It has immense potential for diverse applications such as the one described in this work.”

The research, led by the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University, appeared in the most recent edition of the journal Biomedical Optics Express.