Carbs, not fats, are bad for your health: Research

Carbs, not fats, are bad for your health: Research

A large study could prompt nutritionists to rethink and alter their views on current nutritional standards as it suggests that carbs, not fats, are bad for health.

A team of researchers led by Mahshid Dehghan of the McMaster University’s Population Health Research Institute found that it is not the fat in your diet that increases the risk of premature death; rather too many carbohydrates, particularly the refined, processed type of carbs, might be the real killer.

People with a high intake of fats (35% of their daily diet) were found to be at a 23% lower risk of premature death as compared with those who ate less fat.

They also found that high-carb diets containing nearly 77 per cent carbs were associated with a 28% increased risk of death versus low-carb diets.

Sharing their findings, Dehghan said, “The study showed that contrary to popular belief, increased consumption of dietary fats is associated with a lower risk of death.”

The new study was presented at the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology in Barcelona on Tuesday. It was also published in the Aug. 29th edition of the journal Lancet.