Perseid meteor shower to peak on August 12

Perseid meteor shower to peak on August 12

NASA astronomers have predicted that the Perseids, one of the most popular meteor showers of the year, will peak on 12th of August.

While typical rates for the shower are roughly 80 meteors or ‘shooting stars’ per hour, in outburst years like 2016, the rate reaches 150 to 200 meteors per hour.

The Perseid shower’s actual peak is expected to take place around 1 p.m. EDT on 12th of August. It means the night before and the night after will also give good rates.

According to astronomers, the celestial show will be slightly better in the predawn hours. However, there would be a decent show both nights. But, bright moon could prevent people at some places from enjoying the shower to its full potential.

Meteor expert Bill Cooke said, “Rates will be about half what they would be normally, because of the bright moonlight … But the good news is that the Perseids are rich in fireballs; otherwise the moon would really mess with them.”

As our planet plows through the debris left over from a passing comet like the 109P/Swift-Tuttle, the debris enters the planet’s atmosphere, burning up briefly, generating bright streaks in the night sky.