China to build Mars simulation base

China to build Mars simulation base

China has revealed plans to build a simulation Mars base in the Qaidam Basin of its Qinghai province in the northwestern part of the country.

Revealing the plans, Chinese authorities said the simulation Mars base will act as an educational experience of future settlements on the Red Planet.

The location of the Qaidam Basin has been selected because the landscape and the climatic conditions there are quite similar to those that are found on the Red Planet. The more than 95,000-square kilometer area is actually a desert with harsh dry conditions.

The base, which will be comprised of two planned functional areas, a ‘community’ area and a ‘campsite’, will serve as an experimental bridge among branches of space, geology, astronomy, meteorology and new energy.

Last year, a demonstration of what the home of a Martian pioneer could look like was put on display in a simulated Martian environment in the Greenwich, London-based Royal Observatory.

China’s thirst for dominating space won’t stop on Mars. With a goal to become a “space giant,” the Asian powerhouse is also preparing to build a permanent settlement on the Moon.