Massive Iceberg breaks loose in Antarctic region

Massive Iceberg breaks loose in Antarctic region

After several months of widening of the rift, one of the largest ever recorded icebergs has finally broken away from Antarctica, scientists announced on Wednesday.

Scientists who have been monitoring the widening rift in the West Antarctic ice shelf for the last many years said that the calving of the 5,800 sq. km. iceberg has left the Larsen C Ice Shelf with 12 percent decline in area.

The iceberg in question is one of the largest recorded and its progress in the near future remains difficult to predict.

Luckman, lead researcher of Project MIDAS, said, “We will continue to monitor both the impact of this calving event on the Larsen C Ice Shelf, and the fate of this huge iceberg.”

The calving of the iceberg, which is likely to be named A68, occurred sometime between 10th and 13th of this month. It weighs more than one trillion tons.

The huge iceberg may remain in one piece but is more probable to shatter into several fragments, which may drift north into warmer waters.