US Ranks Low in Physical Activity Data: Research

US Ranks Low in Physical Activity Data: Research

A new study conducted by Stanford University researchers using smartphone data has suggested that people in China are among those who move the most while physical activity is low in the United States and Canada. The research team checked records for nearly 700,000 individuals from 46 countries. The data was collected by walking activity trackers in Smartphones. The study reported that people in Hong Kong walk the most with 6,880 steps a day on an average.

The research team also noticed a gap between average walking per day within countries. In the United States, people walk 4,774 on an average, based on smartphone walking activity data. Indonesia ranked the lowest in the list. South Africa, India, Brazil, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia also ranked low in terms of walking.

Health experts suggest regular physical activity as the best way to stay healthy. Keeping a control over diet and following a healthy lifestyle can keep many diseases at bay. Obesity has been rising in the United States and Canada.

The study team registered highest walking activity in Hong Kong, China, Ukraine, Japan, Russia, Spain and Sweden. Detailed results of the study have been published in journal Nature.

Study co-leader and Stanford bioengineering professor Scott Delp said, "In countries where activity levels are similar across the population, such as Japan, males and females are similarly active. But in countries with greater activity disparity, such as Saudi Arabia and the United States, females were much less likely to walk."