Young whale finds way out of Ventura Harbor into the open ocean

Young whale finds way out of Ventura Harbor into the open ocean

A young humpback whale that had become stuck in Southern California’s Ventura harbor was on the move again on Sunday as it found its way back to the open ocean.

The U.S. Coast Guard officials said in a statement that the juvenile humpback was last seen at 1 a.m. on Sunday heading out of the Ventura Harbor into the open waters.

It was the first time when a young humpback whale entered the Ventura Harbor.

When asked for a comment, one of the spectators said, “We’ve had California grey whales just peek into the harbor as they’re going up and down the coast. But none have ever gone into the harbor.”

The forty-foot-long juvenile humpback had become stranded on the shore and became stuck there for hours on Saturday after it entered in the small fishing harbor.

Officials may have helped the whale on its way by continuously playing a loop of whale feeding sounds overnight close to the point of the harbor’s entrance. The idea behind the effort was to attract the creature toward the open water under the belief that there would be good food to eat.

The 40-foot-long creature had wowed boaters and passers-by on shore for hours Saturday after it arrived in the small fishing harbor north of Los Angeles.

People stood on small boats and docks watching it swim back and forth and occasionally surface.

Whale experts told Higgins it appeared to be a healthy juvenile, although he didn’t know its age.

The Coast Guard, National Parks Service, authorities and volunteers spent hours trying unsuccessfully to shepherd it back to the ocean.

After blocking its path with boats and banging on pipes failed to work, they tried the whale feeding sounds. The tactic finally succeeded after they cleared everyone out of the area and moved the underwater speakers closer to the ocean.