Supply of Yellow Fever vaccine is dwindling: CDC

Supply of Yellow Fever vaccine is dwindling: CDC

The supply of yellow fever vaccine is dwindling in the United States and it will likely run out by the end of this summer, federal health authorities warned on Friday.

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) also made it clear that it has no way to produce more of the vaccine due to a manufacturing issue.

The shortage of the yellow fever vaccine comes at a really troubling time as the nation has witnessed multiple outbreaks of the disease, which is transmitted by infected mosquitoes.

CDC spokesman Tom Skinner added in a statement that the shortage of the vaccine is affecting Americans who might be planning trips to endemic areas.

In the newly released statement, Skinner said, “It is really, really important … If you are recommended to get it and for some reason are unable to get (it), then you should strongly consider not going.”

Yellow fever was eradicated in a number of countries by the 1920s, but it has popped up around the globe in the past few years. Most recently, it affected people in Angola, Brazil and the Democratic Republic of Congo.