California coast sea level could rise 10 feet by 2100

California sea levels could rise 10 feet by 2100

Climate change could cause sea water levels off the coast of California to increase far higher than formerly anticipated, a state government council has warned.

Issuing the warning, the California Ocean Protection Council’s advisory team has predicted that sea-levels would likely increase by as much as ten feet by the end of this century.

The predicted worst-case scenario would lead to destruction of airports in San Francisco and Oakland, and would swamp roadways, farmland, beaches, low-lying bridges, and railroad tracks. More than 42,000 residential properties would be completely submerged.

Council deputy director Jenn Eckerle said, “Emerging science is showing us a lot more than even five years ago.”

The California Ocean Protection Council was founded to help prepare for the dire consequences of increasing ocean levels, including destruction of properties as well as their economic impact.

Last week, a study published in the Nature Climate Change predicted that 2.5 million Miami residents could be forced away from their houses by 2100. Louisiana would likely lose as much as 2,250 square miles of shoreline to increasing waters in the next fifty years.