Climate change will make future flights rougher: Study

Climate change will make future flights rougher: study

Future flights or airplane rides will likely get extra bumpy and rougher due to drastic changes in climatic conditions, a new study by a team of University of Reading researchers warned.

According to the study, light turbulence will increase by 59 per cent due to climate change in the future. Moderate turbulence will escalate 94 per cent, and severe turbulence will increase 149 per cent.

Researchers added that higher levels of carbon dioxide will create more severe vertical wind shears at altitudes of aircraft cruising. Levels of carbon dioxide levels are expected to double by the end of this century.

Lead researcher Dr. Paul Williams said, “For most passengers, light turbulence is nothing more than an annoying inconvenience that reduces their comfort levels, but for nervous fliers even light turbulence can be distressing.”

In addition to making flights a bit more hellish, climate change will create calamities by pushing sea levels up and increasing the frequency of severe droughts and floods.

The first study to examine levels of climatic turbulence strength and their impact on flights in the future published in the journal Advances in Atmospheric Sciences.