Online users eagerly waiting for ‘April the giraffe’ to go into labor

Animal lovers eagerly waiting for ‘April the giraffe’ to go into labor

Thousands of animal lovers continue to watch live giraffe cam from the Animal Adventure Park as they are eagerly waiting for “April the giraffe” to go into labor.

In a recently-held question & answer session, park owner Jordan Patch said that when the giraffe will be seen stretching out and raising her tail, it will be a sign of pressure, indicating a contraction.

Thus, viewers around the world watch with bated breath every time the female giraffe lift’s her tail.

Responding to a question, Patch said, “April continues to be herself – though a bit moody end of the day but the vet reported a happy girl earlier this afternoon. As you can see from the cam, her back end is huge; tail is up, aaaannnddd we wait!”

April the giraffe is 15 years old, and it is going to be her fourth delivery. She has never lost a calf nor suffered a stillbirth. Her partner, Oliver, is five years old, and it will be his first calf.

Meanwhile, a pygmy goat named ‘Fatty Patty’ at the park just gave birth to twins. In a newly released statement, vets said that the mom and newly born kids have been moved into the nursery barn, and they are in good health.